Tuesday 4 July 2017

The Letter

                                             Episode Ten
Jake and Lyon dragged me fiercely to the school field. Students gathered as Jake punched me brutally in the face. My face spilled red blood as I watched the faint sight of Jake and people staring all over me.
"How dare you? How dare you challenge me Andrew? You've taken what I love the most!". He screamed angrily.
The truth is, I've never seen such anger in my life. You must have meant something to him then.
"Keep beating me. You'll only make her hate you the most". I laughed wildly.
Jake got angrier as he gave me a mighty blow. I fell to the ground with a big thud.
You appeared, Melissa running behind you. Your face was pale red and filled with worry. You ran into our middle when Steve was just about to give me another hit and it caught you. You fell to the ground, your face bleeding blood.
Steve fell his face, realizing what he had just done.
'I'm very sorry Elsie....I didn't mean to". He tried picking you up but you ducked away from him.
"Don't you dare touch me! Why do you do this? What do you gain from being violent huh?"
"That's because I love you Elsie".
"No you don't. You do not love me Jake. If you do, you wouldn't be after what I cherish the most".
"You cherish him right? You love him? Fine! Do you know if he also feels the same towards you? have you ever thought of that?" Jake stared at you mockingly.
You gazed at me, our eyes meeting to a fixed point. You wanted nothing but the truth. You wanted to know how I felt towards you.
"Andrew?" You asked.
'I've loved you before you ever thought of loving me. I love you so much Elsie". I said.
"That's it Jake. I love him. He loves me. I guess we're cool now. Don't you ever trouble us again". You held my hand and walked out of the field.
I entered your car for the first time. Melissa seem more relaxed and welcoming than before. You held my wounded arm, wishing you could do something to  reduce the pain.
"I'm fine my love. I just need a little stitching. It's not a major wound". I smiled.
"I can't believe I've fallen in love". You sang happily.
"Me too".
Melissa cleared her throat. "Em..I'm sorry to disrupt our romantic atmosphere but I just have to apologize for my attitude towards you. You guys really love yourselves. Who am I to be a hindrance to your lovely relationship? I wish you all the best!" She smiled as Elsie hugged her tightly.
"You'd always remain my best friend. I love you Melissa".
"I love you too".

A/N: Am I the only one surprised here? Melissa apologized??? Melissa accepted their love???

Haha...happy reading lovely fans!



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