Monday 10 July 2017

The Letter

                                                      Episode Eleven
Yes Elsie. We made it! Our love grew deeper day by day. No day passed that we longed to spend the rest of our lives together. Your infectious smile was an antidote to my day. I loved you so much, beyond explanation. Words couldn't explain what I felt for you. You chose me; a pauper, a one legged, an average student in the midst of people much better than I am.
We were popularly known as "The Twin". We won the couples award every month. Steven accepted his fate but I could see the sadness in his eyes whenever he passed us. We were perfect together, the perfect match!
Another awesome thing was the fact that Melissa and Jake were falling in love. I wouldn't stop laughing about it. It was really awkward but sweet.
Final exams was coming soon and we wouldn't stop thinking about our marriage.
"We would live in a faraway castle, in the hills. You and I, together, having kids and raising a lovely family". You will say, wandering into your land of dreams.
I was happy that we would finally realize our dream but one thing struck my mind and pestered me. I wondered if your Parents would ever accept me for what I am.
*                                                          *                                                         *

I laid on the bed remembering how my visit to your home had been like.
"You're not from a notable family Andrew. How can our daughter gets the care she deserves? She's used to this kind of life, a life of affluence". Your father said, scrutinizing me critically with his little pair of eyes.
I could hardly touched my food. "I may not give her an affluent life but I would give her the love she deserves". I replied.
"She also deserves to be comfortable. Our daughter should not suffer all in the name of love". he said as your mother tapped him and whispered some words in his ear.
He calmed down, staring at me once again. "Will you love my daughter and take good care of her?"
"I promise to never make her sad".
"I'll give you some merchandise and part of my property to start a trade with, provided you take good care of Elsie for us". He said.
Yeah, I had said the truth but still, I had doubts if I could live up to such commitment. But I love you right? Why wouldn't I then make you happy?



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