Monday 31 July 2017

The Letter

                                                   Episode Fourteen

Steve planned such a great party filled with lots of merriment. Elsie felt very excited and thrilled. Everyone did. I didn't. I was desperate to leave there and sleep peacefully in our little hut.

It was hours into the party and I was really tired. I needed a different fresh air.

"I'm coming Elsie. I want to leave for some minutes".

"Okay. Don't be late". She grinned at me.

I left the building, enjoying the fresh air and leaving  the noise and stuffiness inside.

"Steve is gonna have his girl back today". Someone said.

I shrieked, leaning closer to every bit of it.

"Really?" The person asked.

"Yeah. You think the so called Steve will give in just like that?"

"I thought as much". He replied.

"Steve is holding another party to celebrate his victory..."
I didn't wait to hear the las of it. I ran inside to get Elsie out of there. I was right! He had planned it all along.

When I got to where we were seated, Elsie was out of there. I was scared and confused. I searched for her everywhere but Elsie and Steven was out of sight.

This is not going happen. This can never happen to me. My Elsie. I whimpered, scanning through all corners.

Where can Elsie be? This is really not happening to me!

I searched through all places, sweating profusely. There were several rooms in the building. I scanned through all of them wondering why Steve have kept Elsie hostage.

I could hear screams from the last room. It wasn't just a scream, it was that of Elsie.

I haven't been that nervous in my entire life. I got close to the door. With shaky hands, I turned the knob but it was locked.

With force, I  broke the down, nibbling the fingers of my left hand. Steve held Elsie tightly and he tried to kiss her.

"Get off her right now!" I screamed

Steve laugh thundred around the room. "You think you can get away easily? Elsie is mine and would always be. You think she loves you? No! She only wanted a nice foolish guy like to be by her side throughout her schooling days. It's sealed. Elsie is getting married to me and both Parents are aware of it". He gave an evil smirk.

I almost fell on my feet. 'Is that true Elsie?" Tears drizzled from my eyes and I was very wobbly.

"Of course not. I do not love him!"

"You believe her? Funny. Elsie cannot deny the fact that our Parents wants us married".

"Tell me this is a lie Elsie". I turned to her wanting nothing but the truth.

"It's not as you you look at it love. That was then..."

"I've heard enough", I cut her off, not willing to hear any more of the painful narration, "I thought I could trust you".

'Ofcourse yes Andrew. I'm not lying. You've just got to listen to me".

"I'm not willing to. It's over between us. You can go back to kissing your so called Steve". I said watching her cry.

I turned to leave only to see that the everyone was at the door, watching the incident.

Jake  had a disappointing look on his face and Melissa walked up to me with a scowl. "I can't believe this Andrew...that you can't trust Elsie. You didn't even give her a chance to explain".

"What more does she have to say? That I'm a poor person, a very poor one below her status and that she can't get married to me. I don't want to be part of this charade anymore". I screamed leaving the room.

'One more thing Andrew", Steve pulled me into a halt, "She also finds me very attractive". He roared.

I stormed out of the building angrily. The streets were filled with people. I desperately needed to be alone. The best place was the river side, where I drew and reflected.



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