Tuesday 8 August 2017

Dhakiyah and Hayrah

Episode Two

Dhakiyah didn't know what Hayrah could have said but she got him to follow her, holding his cup of coffee.

The thing is, Hayrah was the very bold one. Whenever Dhakiyah liked someone, Hayrah will take up courage to tell him Dhakiyah's feeling.

"Dhakiyah, this is Ali. Ali, meet my best friend Dhakiyah". She said as he smiled at Dhakiyah, taking a seat amongst them.

The three got talking and Hayrah kept talking about herself. She made herself the centre of discussion as she talked about her likes, what she loves to do and about her dreams and aspirations.

Thirty minutes later, Hayrah excused herself to the ladies and Dhakiyah was left alone with Ali.

She felt very uncomfortable not just because she was shy, but because she is liking the same guy with Dhakiyah.

She caught him staring and kept her gaze at the cup of coffee in front of her.

"Your name is lovely. What does it mean?"

"Huh?" Dhakiyah got startled by his question.

"I mean your name. What does it mean?"

"Oh. It means bright, intelligent". She smiled lightly as pink colour flushed her cheeks.

"That's nice. So you guys are best friends?"

'We're literally sisters. We live together". She happily said.

She was proud to tell anyone that Hayrah was her sister. She was someone that has stood by her at all times.

"Wow. You might be sisters but you two do not really look alike. I've spent over thirty minutes here and I haven't heard a word from you. I have known 99% of who Hayrah is but I have no iota of knowledge about who you are". He said.

"Well...you know my name is Dhakiyah. I'm an orphan and I was adopted by Hayrah's Parents. I'm an engineering student and I love to paint during my spare time..." She said as Hayrah returned from the toilet.

"You wouldn't mind my friend Ali," She said, adjusting her veil and taking her seat, "She is really shy but she'll feel comfortable when she knows you better". Dhakiyah said.

"Okay ladies, I'm sorry to tell you this but I have to leave now. I need to catch up with work. Do you mind if I get your numbers?"

"Yeah!" They said in unison.

They exchanged numbers and Ali go up from his seat. 'It was nice meeting you guys. Nice coffee with two lovely ladies". He placed his cup high in the air and grinned.

Ali waved at them and left the coffee shop, leaving Hayrah to giggle wildly.

"Okay Dhaki, what would you say about my choice this time. Isn't he cute?"

"He is". Dhakiyah smiled ruefully.

"I really don't know but I believe he's the one for me. Let's go home and celebrate my breakthrough from being single". Hayrah screamed as she led Dhakiyah out of the coffee shop.

A/N: Hi everyone. So this story will be a really short one; not as long as 'The Letter' and 'Love by Fate'. It won't be a weekly episodal story. It can be posted even thrice in a week so watch out!

Yeah, I got to read the comments of some members of Muslim marriages about my post and there was an argument between two to three people.
The argument was all about people falling in love at first sight. In the first episode, Hayrah said, "It seems that I've seen my husband..."

What I'll say is that there is no one direct formula to falling in love. Love is by destiny. Some fall in love at first sight and some do not till years after they've met. Different stances work for different people.

I hope I get that cleared.

Happy reading!


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