Wednesday 9 August 2017

Love Prose

When You Have Friends That Rock!
We all met at college and at oral class; I would call it destiny! We sat together coincidentally and Ms. Williams mentioned something that I'll never forget.

"You guys look like a team". She said, despite we hardly knowing each other.

And so we became a team! We all had lunch together, read together and so did our friendship start.

We  literally did everything together. We lived, read and had fun together.

We were popularly known as "The Quarterz". A crazy thing we did that I'll never forget was throwing baseball at whoever broke our heart.

I will not forget when Sam ditched Martha. We threw baseball at him and he broke his forehead. That got us suspended from school for a month.

Just like our usual selves, we didn't learn from it. Instead, the four of us travelled out of the city and went for an adventure in Miami.

We assisted ourselves during exams. We called it team work; not cheating.

Graduation and prom night was fabulous. We promised to keep in touch even when we got to our various destinations but the usual shit happened. We resumed to our various lives without contacting each other.

When I got a call that we should plan a reunion, I felt very great and I just remembered how much I love you guys.

Martha, Grace and Tina, you all are fantastic. I feel loved 'cos I have friends that rock!.

Abdul Wahab Maryam, Love Prose.



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