Monday 7 August 2017

The Letter

  Episode Fifteen
It was late in the night, the moon beautifully diming the natural surroundings. I dipped my legs into the river, watching the lovely stars shine in the sky. I wanted to feel better but it only brought me memories of the time spent with you. I had invited you and we had fun, laughing together and dancing in the rain.

Why do things change in an instance?

I couldn't believe that I have lost you Elsie; My love, the one I yearn to spend the rest of the life with.

I cried Elsie. I cried like I'd never done before. I cried all my pains and sorrows away, wishing I could turn back the hands of time. I cried till my clothes got very wet and my eyes were sore.

"Why are you crying? You caused it all!" Jake screamed.

I turned to see him beside me. He was really angry. He sat beside me, explaining all that happened.

"It was a plan Andrew. Steve is celebrating his victory now. I can't believe you could do this. You couldn't trust Elsie".

'But I..."

"Shut up!," he yelled at me, "Elsie explained everything when you left. Steve's Parents and hers had planned an arranged marriage for them years before but she bluntly rejected. That was why he had the guts to disturb her in school. Elsie loves you and she would always do. Her Parents promised to get her married to whoever she loves, provided she introduce the person to them, and she did. Elsie introduced you to her Parents as her love and they agreed to get you married to her, even offering part of their property. Elsie loves you more than you can imagine but you didn't even give her a benefit of doubt. You know very well that Steve had dragged her all through to the room and tried to kiss her. She had screamed and tried to forcefully leave the room but he locked the door and held her grip. I'm highly disappointed in you Andrew. You let such a good girl go just like that".

Everything became dawned on me that I made a really big mistake. I had lost what I cherish the most.

"Is it too late Jake? Can I make amends? Can Elsie forgive me for what I've done?"

"What are you waiting for? Go get your love!" Jake encouraged as I ran all the way to your house.

I couldn't imagine my life without you. I knew Steven had a plan all along. I knew he couldn't have forgotten you just like that. Only if I had trusted you.

Your door was wide opened. You were still crying profusely. Your mom was comforting you while our dad paced around.

"He is here! You're the cause of my daughter's unhappiness. How dare you step your feet here again?" He glared at me.

"I'm really sorry. That's why I'm apologize for not trusting Elsie. I'm really sorry".

"You think sorry is that easy? If you truly love me as you claimed, then you could have trusted me. You could have let me explain myself when I had the chance. You could have known that I truly love you and will never think of hurting you. You could have believed me even when everyone do not".  You cried.

"I'm so sorry Elsie. Please forgive me".

It was then I knew how much I had hurt you.

"It's too late Andrew. Just like it is meant to be, Elsie would be getting married to Steve. I advice you to stay clear off her now. No more pressures. The truth is out. You don't love my daughter, so let her be".

"Dad? I'm sorry I can't do that. Andrew still loves me".

"I gave you a chance to prove that he is the right one for  you but you failed the test. Your chances are over now. You're getting married to Steve and that's final". He said storming into the room.

"I think you should leave now. Elsie's father might do something drastic if he finds out that you're still around". Your mom said.

I walked out of your house in despair and frustration. I have lost what I cherish the most. You Elsie! The worst part is that it is all my fault!



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