Thursday 14 September 2017

Dhakiyah and Hayrah

Episode Eight

Dhakiyah walked lazily on the street to their house. It was dark already and she was really tired after the day's experience.

She visited the community's library after the meeting with Ali but couldn't comprehend what she read.

She recalled what Ali had said. It was sure that he would never like Hayrah in the way expected.

Dhakiyah was shocked when she heard Hayrah's laughter from the gate entrance.

The lights brightly shone in the compound and the TV noise buzzed from inside.

She cleared her curiousity when she entered the living room. Hayrah was indeed happy.

She sat together with her mom as they watched TV along with a bowl of popcorn.

"Hey dear, I've missed you". She sang happily as Dhakiyah came over to hug them.

"How was your day Dhaki?" Her mom asked.

"Really hectic, and almost futile. Just a tiring day". She yawned, pulling off her veil and taking the bangles from her hand.

"Uh oh. That's sad to hear. Where did you got to?"


"I said, where did you go to?"

"Oh. I went to the library... and to see a friend".

"Haha. When did you start to keep friends Dhaki?"

"Never mind. How did your baking class go?"

"Perfecto! I have gist for you, but that will be after dinner. I kept your food in the cooler. Your favourite actually...spaghetti". She smiled.

"Wait, what! You made dinner?"

"Yeah. Please eat fast so that we can talk". She said, taking a handful of popcorn into her mouth.
*                                                                      *                                                                           *
Dhakiyah ate dinner, wondering what could make Hayrah that happy. It's been a long time since she sat at the living room and even cooked.

After dinner, she had a quick shower to ease off the day's stress.

Dhakiyah had just left the bathroom when she met Hayrah on the bed, with a smiling face.

"Come sit here baby". She patted her hand on the closest space to her on the bed.

Dhakiyah cleaned her wet face with towel. "This your gist is really a special one I guess. Let me get dressed first".

"No time for that. Sit down Dhaki". She insisted.

Dhakiyah obliged, sitting beside her and staring at her for the full gist.

"Take it easy dear. Your stare is kinda scary". Hayrah said as they both laughed, "Okay, here is it. I went as usual for my baking class. On my way back home, it was really sunny that I thought I'd pass out on the road. Behold! an exotic car parked just beside me. Turning to see who the person is, you wouldn't believe who I saw?"


"Nu'man. Ali's best friend".

"Oh my gosh! Continue please".

"He gave me a lift and was like 'Why don't we go somewhere and have a nice drink?'"

"What was your response?"

"What do you mean Dhaki. His captivating eyes and melodious voice is enough to say a yes. We went to a nice eatery around and talked. He's very humurous and fun to be with. Sincerely, I enjoyed every bit of my time with him".

"Uh oh. The girl is in love again. It means he likes you way more than Ali and you do too".

"Well yeah, but I've still not gotten over Ali completely".

"You can't deny your feelings Hayrah. Your heart is with Nu'man and not Ali.

"Maybe, but I can't be so sure".

"You should be. You can feel the connection Hayrah".

"What's up with you and Ali. You can't force me to not like him". She scoffed.

"Alright I'm sorry. I'm just happy for you dear. I wish you all the best".

"Thanks dear". Hayrah said as Dhakiyah's phone rang.

"Who's calling?"

"Well...a friend. I need to pick this call". Dhakiyah hurried nervously to the bathroom.

"That guy that keeps calling you..we'll know him very soon Dhaki". Hayrah laughed as Dhakiyah ran to the bathroom.

"Why do you keep calling me Ali? Hayrah almost caught me". She yelled at him.

"She will anyway".


"I'm sorry for walking out on you this afternoon. I just didn't expect you to request such. I'm sure you've heard about the connection between Hayrah and Nu'man".

"What about that? How am I sure that it isn't your plan?"

"Trust me Dhaki, I'd never play with anyone's feelings. That's why I wouldn't lie to Hayrah that I like her, let alone send my friend. It's pure mutual attraction. Nu'man has liked her since the first day he met her at the restaurant".

"Why are you telling me this?"

"'Cos I want you to know that we can still be together. All we have to do is assure them that they truly fit each other. Nothing to come our way, we'll be together".

"I'm not sure about that Ali'.

"What aren't you sure of? You love me and you can't deny that. Why push me away?"

"Goodnight Ali". She hung and left the bathroom before Hayrah start to suspect more of the conversation.


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