Tuesday 26 September 2017

Dhakiyah and Hayrah

Episode Eleven

Hayrah was gone on her date and Dhakiyah laid on the bed, wishing she could also spend time with Ali. There's no doubt that she loves him very much. She just couldn't bring herself up to admit it.

Just like he knew that he was on her mind, he called immediately and Dhakiyah hastily picked up.

"Asalamu 'alaykum".

"Wa'alaykumu salam Dhaki. I was just wondering if you're free".

"Yes. Why do you ask?"

"I was thinking we should go out. It will be a great opportunity for us to talk. Hayrah and Nu'man are out. We should have our date".

"You're asking me out on a date?"

"Yes I am. What do you say?"

*                                                                                         *                                              *
Dhakiyah dressed swiftly and waited for Ali's arrival. He picked her up thirty minutes after.

"You look beautiful Dhaki".

"Thanks". She blushed shyly just like the first day she had met him.

"Can I ask a favour from you".


"Can I tie your eyes? I have a lovely surprise for you".

"Just promise you're worth trusting".

"Trust me baby. You wouldn't regret this".

Ali blindfolded Dhakiyah as he drove her to an unknown place.
*                                                                           *                                                *
The drive to the surprise location was a very long one and Dhakiyah kept asking if they haven't reached.

It took an hour for them to arrive at the place, where Ali gently removed the blindfold and they hopped down from the car.

"Oh goodness!". She screamed in surprise and excitement.

How would he know her favourite spot on earth?

"There's a lot I know about you...that you can never imagine Dhaki". He smiled, watching her gasp in excitement.

"You can't imagine my level of excitement. I've not been here in years". She grinned happily.

It was the waterfall. Dhakiyah love to visit the waterfall. She could spend all day staring at the cold water gushing back and forth and appreciating Allah for the beauty of nature.

"I understand. Can we sit down and have something to eat?" Ali placed a rug on the floor and arranged sumptuous food and drinks around it.

"You had this all planned out?"

"All planned out Dhaki". He replied as they both sat down and he served her spaghetti with a glass of fruit juice.

"You know, my Parents and I use to visit here often. I've not been here for a very long time. Not since when I was put in the orphanage".

"I'm really sorry about that".

"It's okay. All that is in the past now".

'Yeah. Dhakiyah, the first time we met at the coffee shop, I was deeply attracted to you. I was just thinking of standing up to meet you guys when Hayrah approached me. When I got closer to you, I saw that you were more beautiful than I've ever imagined. Your beauty and calmness swept me off my feet.

I love you Dhakiyah. You mean the world to me. I cannot think of spending mu future with anyone other than  you".

"I love you too Ali, from the first day you had entered the coffee shop. I just thought 'Who is this amazing guy in a brown coat'" She chuckled and he joined, turning his face into a smirk.

"Seriously Dhaki, we deserve to be together. Hayrah and Nu'man are happy together and we also should. I understand that Hayrah and her family has done a lot for you, and you don't in anyway want to betray her. The thing is, the truth has to be told. You have to tell the truth about 'us' okay?"

"Okay. I promise to tell her when I get home. She deserves to know the truth and we deserve to be happy".

"I love you Dhaki".

"I love you too".



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