Monday 18 September 2017

Love By Fate

 (Bonus Episode) #1

**After the Wedding**
Hamdalah still in her lovely wedding dress, held hands with Abdur Rahman as they ran swiftly into the car, in the midst of waves and cheers from the audience.

When they were finally on the road, she smiles satisfactorily, resting her head over his shoulder and holding his hand firmly with hers.

It was like a dream. She was finally going to be with the love of her life Abdur Rahman. She stares at the ring on both of their hands and she can never imagine any thought better than that...the fact that they're married.

"Baby", Abdur Rahman murmurs as he kisses her, "You know how I've longed to do this... to have you all to myself".

"Yeah, same here". She blushes shyly, returning his kiss.

"So what next?"

"We're married now...on our way to the airport to have an exploring honeymoon. We'll start our lovely and romantic life together, have lovely kids and work towards actualizing our dreams". Abdur Rahman said, staring into his new bride's beautiful eyes.

He knew he's the luckiest, to have such a lovely woman as a wife.

Hamdalah laughs. "You know I love you right?"

"I've never denied that jewel. And I love you too". He said, pulling her into a tight hug.

A/N: You're welcome back to seeing your favourite novel series again. I promised it won't be over.
There would be a second bonus episode and a Question and Answer session to give replies to your burning questions on the series.
I've gotten a series of questions and answered them. If you still have more burning questions, you can send a mail to
Love By Fate is going to be published before the end of September...yay!
I know y'all are glad to hear this!
I hope you look forward to seeing the second bonus episode, reading the Q and A session as well as getting the published version of Love By Fate.
Happy reading!


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