Tuesday 12 September 2017

Love Prose

To The Lady Who Have To Let Go

They had first met in middle school, when he solved a maths puzzle that troubled her in the library.

They had been close friends since then and everyone knew that they were inseparable.

They did virtually everything together. He offered to assist her after school hours, where she sold fish at the market, for her mother.

Silas wasn't just intelligent, he was handsome and humorous. His thin nose was a funny thing to stare at and he cracked jokes that will make Rose laugh till dawn.

Rose love to stare at his long legs and tiny eyes that has been strained as a result of his excessive reading.

Rose loved him. She loved him with all of her heart. However, she wouldn't know how he feels about her.

Years passed and they all completed school and applied for colleges.

Prom night was fast approaching. Silas had asked Anita; one of the girls in school out as his prom date.

Rose felt heartbroken, not just because she had expected him to ask her out, but because she thought he loved her.

She would walk in school and the girls will gossip about Silas ditching her.

The guys thought they were dating. So why will they think of asking her out?

Rose braced up and asked Silas to meet her in the night. She would confess her love for him.

"You're just a friend Rose. You're like my sister. I've never seen you more than that". He held his hands in hers as she bawled her eyes out.

Rose wanted him to see the hurt in her eyes but he didn't. He never loved her after all.

Years passed and when she remembers Silas, the boy she truly loved.  She knows that in love, you have to let go sometimes.



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