Thursday 28 September 2017

Love Prose

To The Lady In Love

He calls her late in the night as usual. The familiar voice, making her shriek in excitement.

"I have a confession to make". He says, creating a pause on their conversation.

She chewed on her lips, wondering what the confession could be.

He was her love, her one and only. The one she dreams of spending the rest of her life with.

"What could it be?"

"It's just that... you look more beautiful whenever I see you. Your face gets brighter every single moment and it captivates me to stare at". He says.

She smiles, making blood to run uncontrollably down her cheek. "You're making me blush".

"I'm serious my love. There's something I want to tell you tonight. Should I proceed?"

"Yes". She grins widely.

"I love you".

"Should I also say the magical words you've longed to hear?"

"Yes please".

"I love you too".

Maryam AbdulWahab, Love Prose


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