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Dhakiyah and Hayrah (Finale)

Episode Eleven

Very early the next morning, Dhakiyah packed her luggage and set for the airport.

She was going without informing neither Hayrah nor Ali.

It was on an impromptu journey but she knew that she had to clear things off.

"Don't worry Dhaki. All will be fine". Hayrah's dad said as they drove to the airport.

They arrived there and Dhakiyah stood at the queue, to check in her luggage.

It was then she remembered all that have transpired throughout the month. Dhakiyah and Hayrah had been the best of friends and sisters until Ali came into their life.

If only things could be the way they used to be.

"The flight to London leaves in the next thirty minutes".

They called as Dhakiyah noticed the space in front of her. She quickly filled it before those behind her start to complain.

"Dhaki! Dhaki! Please wait". A voice called.

She turned to see Hayrah running towards her. She looked disheveled and rough in appearance.

"You have to hear me out Dhaki".

"What are you doing here, all dressed like this?"

"Dhaki," Hayrah let out a deep breath which showed that she had been running, "I had to run over to prevent you from leaving me. How could you ever think that I can be happy without you". She stifled a laugh which turned out to be a cry.

"Can we at least go to somewhere private?"

"No time for that. I'm sorry for hurting your feelings last night, just like I always do".

'I'm sorry for always thinking about myself, not caring about how you feel. I'm sorry for being proud, stupid and acting as a spoilt brat. I'm sorry for everything Dhaki, for not caring about your happiness and not giving you a chance to explain yourself. You're the best sister I can ever dream of having". She said as they hugged themselves, crying profusely.

"I love you Dhaki".

"I love you too Hayrah".

"So, am I free to love Ali?"

"Seriously Dhaki, I have no right to dictate your life. You deserve to be with who you love". Hayrah loosened herself from Dhakiyah.

"Ali came with me".

"Really? Where is he?" She asked, popping out her eyes in surprise and excitement.

Ali walked towards them with sleepy eyes, his hands shoved into his pocket.

"I literally woke him up". Hayrah laughed.

"All I ask is for you to not leave me behind as my life is incomplete without you. Let's start to make our plans. When should we get married? Where do you want us to explore for our honeymoon?"

"Really Ali?"

"Yes Dhaki, let's leave here and plan our wedding!".

 Hayrah clears her throat. "Someone is making someone feel jealous.

"Haha. I might explode here out of excitement. Please let's go home".

"I love you Dhaki".

"I love you too Ali".
*                                             *                                            *

Dhakiyah, Hayrah, Ali and Nu'man sits around a table in a restaurant and discuss their wedding.

They plan on getting married on the same day. While Hayrah wants an elaborate and exquisite wedding, Dhakiyah wants a very simple one.

"Why spend so much on just a day celebration? I don't go for that. Let's have something simple and peaceful".

"I highly disagree with you," Hayrah intervened, "It's not just 'a day'. Its 'our wedding', the most special day of our lives. Why go for something simple?"

"Ah," Ali placed his hands over his forehead as Nu'man chuckled, "You girls are something!"

"Okay, let's leave that aside. When should the wedding be held?" Nu'man asked.

"Sunday of course".

"Nope. Saturday". Hayrah argued.

"Hayrah, Sunday is better".

"No. Saturday is the best. You guys should agree with me. I make the best opinions". Hayrah boasted.

"Well, according to what I'm reading now on my phone...Saturday of next month will be a day held for a senatorial election, which means that our wedding cannot be held on that day". Nu'man said, focused on his phone.

"I give up then". Hayrah said as they all laughed.

"Sunday, we get married and I win my lovely Dhaki forever". Ali winked at her.

"Same here with Hayrah". Nu’man said.
*                         *                                  *

Hooray! We have four winners of the fan puzzle. Two winners from Nairaland and Facebook respectively.

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afolabiwunmi: “Dhakiyah and Ali will get back to each other because there is LOVE in the air. Weldone ma’am.

imranMotunrayo: “Dhakiyah and Ali will  end up together and Hayrah will eventually succumb”. 

Rahmat Kabiru: Hayrah will forgive Dhakiyah and Ali and Dhakiyah will get back together.

Ameena Abulrasheed: I believe Hayrah will forgive her sister and Dhakiyah and Ali will get back together.

Congratulations to the winners!

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