Monday 16 October 2017

Love and The People

                                                 Signs That You're Deeply In Love (2)

6. You don't freak out if you haven't spoken for hours.
This is because you guys trust each other so much that the silence of some amount of time doesn't send you into a drama spiral.

7. Buying gifts become pretty easy.
Unlike before when you used to find buying gifts as strenous and difficult, it’s easy to go to a mall and see million things you're sure that your heart desire would love.

8. You sometimes fall in love with your bae's hotness over again
You get the butterfly sensation and get astounded when your bae wears something that you like.

9. They know all your favourite tv shows
They know what you like best and when you'll not like to be disturbed 'cos your watching your favourite.

10. Their pain is your pain
When something bad happens to your heart desire, it affects you so much like it actually happened to you.

11. Things are not always perfect
You quarrel over little things and you get to resolve your dispute in no time.

12. They know how to make you laugh
They crack you up more than anyone. This shows that you're undeniably happy with the person.

13. You have a special phrase that has meaning to only you!
Just like Augustus Waters says 'maybe', 'okay' will be our 'always' in The Fault in Our Stars, you have a special phrase with your heart desire.



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