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Interview with Anshuman Kar

In my quest for fishing out young and skillful people with potentials, I came across Anshuman Kar on a Face book page; The Storytellers.

His write-up had been really deep, amazing and heartfelt. It got up to 1.5k likes from readers of good prose.

It was then I decided to chat him up and arrange an interview to know him better, and show the world.

Anshuman Kar is just amazing. You know why? He’s an Indian teenager who is a medical student, a writer, a musician, a guitarist and a lover of humanity. He derives happiness in helping the less priviledged.

Now, you know why he’s truly amazing!

To keep you out of suspense, below is the awesome interview with Anshuman Kar.

-         Who is Anshuman Kar?
A sixteen year old student of medical sciences, from Orissa, India, who loves to think.

-         Tell us more about yourself?
Basically, I’m an uncanny person, who doesn’t have the habit to talk much. I have a habit of making people smile though, because I believe that a smile is the most precious gift you could ever give a person, because it lasts as a memory.
I like music a lot, and once dreamt of becoming a musician in the army who would control the enemies with his soothing music (I was just a kid though.)
Almost all of my writeups come from personal experiences, and I believe they help me overcome my sadness well.

-         What is writing to you?
To me, writing is the primary source of happiness, after music. I like to write short instances from my life, either as short writeups, or songs, out of which, I share a few. Writing has helped me fight out my depression, in a tremendous way, and has helped me cherish the word called “solitude”.
Writing helps me grieve all my melancholy through my hands, on paper.
Writing makes me believe that even if nobody’s listening, the pen shall always be there as a source to flow your emotions out through, and the diary shall always remain that special someone who shall always be there to listen to what you have within yourself.
Writing, to me, is and always be a blessing.

-         You’re a writer, a guitarist and singer. How do you get to combine these talents?
I don’t really consider these facts as talents, because I was never taught how to play, or sing, or write. Neither did I ever put in effort. The ones who actually worked and struggled to attain fame, are the ones who are talented. I just merely use music as a source, to flow out my feelings through.
You know. The things that we do, is that we pass most of our time, in solitude.

-         What is your major source of fulfillment? Writing, music?
Music had always been my major source of fulfillment. I had decided to even set up a career in music, but due to certain personal problems, that dream ended. Not every dream turns to reality.
And well, for now, since I don’t have my instruments in hostel, I stick to writing. It just gives me a feeling of belongingness within myself, like music once did.

-         What is your major source of inspiration?
My major source of inspiration is the vivid reality, which not all of us can see. Every other person, gives me a new sense of inspiration, because everyone is unique. Yes, it’s not possible to extract the positivity everyone carries, and make it a part of yourself.
But, never hesitate to try.

-         Have you ever felt that you’re different from others?
Everyone is different, in their own way. People have their own ways of expressing their thoughts and emotions, and generally, it is in the form of happiness.
Sometimes I think I’m different from the others, because I like to live in darkness. Making myself happy, by reminding myself of all the flaws which I carry. People come to show sympathy, but I don’t want that. Instead, there should be someone who celebrates my dark thoughts, with me. That is how, I find myself different.

-         You do all these and still study in school, how do you get to manage your time?

Well apparently, I stay in a hostel, which is why I can manage penning my thoughts down. My family is pretty orthodox, especially my mom. If I’d be home, I’m pretty sure I’d be scolded for writing poems about love, etc.
Anyways, there’s nothing about time management. I write all my poems or write-ups when I’m in bed, at night. And according to what I noticed about myself, my thoughts start striking right at 23:54pm(too thoughtful, I know.)

-         Any plans for the nearest future?
Since I’m a student of medicine, there’s an option of becoming a doctor. But apart from that, I’ve decided to join the military sometime, and start NGOs and old age homes, from all my earnings. And post retirement, become a full time writer and composer.

-         Where do you see yourself in five years time?
Studying in my final year as an undergraduate in medicine, in the best medical college in India, called the All India Institute of Medical Sciences(AIIMS).

-         Who are your role model(s)?
I personally consider Albert Einstein, Mahatma Gandhi, Dwayne Johnson, and Steve Wilson as my icons.

-         How do you relax in your leisure time?

Nothing special. It’s always an ‘eat and sleep’ cycle. Simple, haha.
But yeah, with earphones on, and my favourite song playing.

-         What advice do you have for upcoming writers?
Well I’m sixteen, and since I haven’t seen the world properly yet, it’d be a pretty bad advice. But yeah, one thing. Do feel what you write, from the inside.
And yeah. SLEEP.

-         You’re Indian. Tell us one exciting thing about your country?
India is a Land of cultures, and variations. Diversity lies in every corner.
It’s pretty difficult to choose only one difficult thing, but yeah if I had to choose, I'd ask you to try out the “phuchkas", in the city of Kolkata. It’s a delicacy, and it’s loved by each and every single person here. Again, Different cultures, United by food.

-         Your happiest moment?
Well it’s a clash, because I have two instances.
The first one, when I started teaching a few underprivileged children who live near my hostel, and started providing them food, along with education. The smiles. They made me the happiest human EVER.
The next was the day my ex girlfriend did the dance step perfectly, in the final performance, which she hadn’t been able to do for ages. She ran backstage, where I was standing, and hugged me. Happiest little human I was.
-         Your favorite celebrity?
Well. I have a few who clash.
Dwayne Johnson, Gerard Butler, Eddie Redmayne, and Ben Affleck.

-         Your favourite quote?
“We're all like the leaves, during fall. Watching each other fall, waiting for our turn.”        -Myself.

-         Your favourite food?
I love simple Indian food. Its roti, dal and rice. A little curd makes it a delicacy for me. Otherwise, cholebhature are among my favourites too. They’re Indian dishes, as well.
Pizza, and nutella, along with Oreo are forever favourites.

-         Your favourite choice of holiday destination?
I consider going to any place, with no people at all. But since that isn’t possible, I consider going to Paris. Also, visiting Norway, and viewing the Aurora Borealis.

-         Your favorite colour?
Black, and emerald green.

-         Your social media platforms for fans to reach you?




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