Thursday 16 November 2017

Love Prose

Tissue Hearts (1)

Nadia had been in the coffee shop for hours. It was her usual routine every morning…to sit there and ruminate over the past.

She stared at the cold black coffee and tried to fight the tears that filled up her eyes.
It had been months and getting over Yasir was almost impossible. Their last parting had been very remorseful.

I have to move on with life. He’s past now. She muttered as she sipped from the cup.
A familiar figure entered the coffee shop. He looked the same way, his usual sweater and trouser and the same disheveled hair that she had loved so much.

She looked through her cup and shrieked in fear, wondering why he has there.
They haven’t seen each other for months.

He looked clearly unhappy as he ordered a cup of coffee and walked over to get a seat…when he caught sight of her, the woman he love…the one who had made him very unhappy.

….To be continued (Excerpt from an upcoming novel series; Tissue Hearts).

Maryam AbdulWahab, Love Prose.


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