Sunday 31 December 2017

Cooks’ Corner

How to Make Moin-Moin
-         3-4 cups of beans (this depends on the number of people you depend to feed)
-         3 pieces of ata rodo
-         2 cooking spoons of palm oil
-         One and the half cooking spoons of vegetable oil
-         One piece of tatashe
-         Half of a red onion
-         One piece of macakerel
-         One cup of crayfish
-         One cup of eja sawa
-         One cup of smoked prawns
-         Two to three hard boiled eggs
-         Salt
-         Knorr chicken cubes
Preparation Method

a.       Peel the beans. To peel beans, you soak in water for 15 minutes and rub the bean seeds between your palms to loosen the skin off the beans.
Rinse the skin off the beans.

b.       While peeling the beans, boil the eggs. Cut the mackerel into pieces, rinse the smoked prawns and eja sawa. Boil all three together and season with 1 knorr cu be, chopped onions and salt.

c.       Blend the beans with the ata rodo, onion and crayfish till you achieve a smooth paste.

d.       Split the paste into two, add palm oil in one, sunflower oil in the other and stir till the oil properly combines.

e.       For the fish, break it apart with your fingers and add it to the paste. Do the same with the eja sawa and smoked prawns. Once these three are in, add fish stock and ensure to stir gently. This will ensure that you do not break the fish apart. Add the eggs

f.        Now wrap the bean paste in local Moin-moin/banana leaves or pour in baking tin and steam for about forty minutes.

g.       You can garnish with lettuce and prawn for extra touch.


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