Thursday 7 December 2017

Tissue Hearts

                                                             Episode One
Nadia had been in the coffee shop for hours. It was her usual routine every morning…to sit there and ruminate over the past.

She stared at the cold black coffee and tried to fight the tears that filled up her eyes.

She looked at the view beside her and it made her feel much better. The natural scenery was beautiful and calm…something that always helped her after a troubled day.
It had been months and getting over Rasheed was almost impossible. Their last parting had been very remorseful.

I have to move on with life. He’s past now. She muttered as she sipped from the cup.

A familiar figure entered the coffee shop. He looked the same way, dressed in his usual sweater and trouser, with the same disheveled hair that she had loved so much.

She looked through her cup and shrieked in fear, wondering why he has there.

They haven’t seen each other for months.

He looked clearly unhappy as he ordered a cup of coffee and walked over to get a seat…when he caught sight of her, the woman he love…the one who had made him very unhappy.

He thought he was dreaming, just like he had done the same last night when she appeared. They laughed as usual and she promised to always be his side.

It was then he opened his eyes and saw that it was only dream…just like it had been for the past nights. She was never coming back!

Blinking severally to be sure that it was reality, he still saw the loveliest lady he had ever seen, the only lady that could make him feel helpless and uncontrollable. The woman he fell in love with, at first sight.

He walked to her seat, counting his steps as his heart beat in thud. He once felt comfortable with her by his side but it’s the contrast now.

“Nadia Thanni?”

“Asalamu ‘alaykum Rasheed”. She gave a weak smile.

“Wa’alaykumu salam. May I sit?”

“Of course”. She said as he sat, noticing the black coffee she drank.

Nadia drank coffee only when she was unhappy. It was something he always knew.

“How are you?” He asked, crossing his legs and placing his cappuccino on the table.

“I’m fine. You?”

“Great”. He said, raking his messy hair.

It was an act that turned her on before now.

Everywhere went silent as Nadia sipped her coffee uncomfortably, watching the view outside to make her feel better.

This time, it had no effect on her.

“How is Maher?” He asked.

“We’ve broken up. Our relationship couldn’t last…and Yasmin?”

“The same happened to us”. He said.

Nadia sipped her coffee again and tried to hide how uncomfortable she felt.

I could have just remained in the office. I wouldn’t have met him again after a long time…

“Are you happy Nadia?”

“Do I look happy?” She laughed ruefully.

“It’s been three months and I still can’t get you off my mind. How absurd is it”. He sighed deeply.

They had parted ways in a way that wasn’t good.

“We felt leaving ourselves is the best for us”.  Nadia said as her eyes swelled with tears.

“Is it? Why did even think that we can live without each other?” 

Nadia placed her hand over her mouth. “Is it too late?”

“Is it too late?” He asked the same question as they ruminated over their life before now, and the happy and sad moments they shared.

 A/N: Hey! We're glad to have another novel series. Tissue Hearts is promised to be interesting, thrilling and suspense filled. Stay tuned!



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