Saturday 16 December 2017

Tissue Hearts

Episode Two

Nadia’s Point of View

“I really need coffee right now”. I placed my hands over my head as we walked down the street.

I had finished my session on the radio and Zaynah and I decided to go out for lunch.

I work as a Presenter in Felicity fm, where I give the breakfast show. It was not an easy job to talk for hours and when you do so, coffee work wonders.

“Coffee addict!” Zaynah rolled her eyes at me.

Zaynah and I work in the same company. She is however not a presenter. Zaynah is my closest friend. We clicked the very moment we met.

She’s quite unique and adorable, tall, ebony skin with a great poise. She’s a single mother who lost her husband in the early years of marriage. Despite that, she’s strong, determined and working hard to make sure that her little son gets the best out of life.

“I need it. Have you imagined raising your voice to millions of people?”

“I wouldn’t even dream of that. Well, it’s your work and you love it. That’s what matters,” She said, “Mind if we buy lunch and go eat in the coffee shop? I’m seriously starving. Don’t worry, lunch on me”. She raised her hands proudly.

“You’re the best. How can I imagine life without you?” I teased.

“Don’t be too happy. Nothing goes for nothing”.

“As far you don’t ask for my head tomorrow, I’m fine”. I laughed sarcastically.

We walked into the restaurant and Zaynah bought us lunch. I watched as she joked with the man at the counter. She was truly lovely and her amazing, her green gown glittering in delight.

Zaynah is also a fashion designer and as her best friend, I get to wear free nice clothes.

“Okay, that’s it. Let’s get going”. She threw the bags into my hands as we left the restaurant.

We got to the coffee shop in no time and occupied our usual seat, where I viewed the natural scenery outside.

“Why do you keep staring outside?” She asked as we had ordered coffee and opened our meal.
“It makes me feel very great…and peaceful”.

“All I see is grass and palm trees…and some flowers”. She frowned.

“You’re strange Zaynah”. I frowned at her as I picked my spoon and inhaled the lovely aroma.

“This is always the best time of the day”. I sipped the hot coffee and grinned widely.

“Hmm…lazy lazy, Nadia”.

“Whatever”. I took my phone and continued the book I was reading.

Zaynah threw her spoon and stared at me in disgust. “You keep doing this…read those boring books and pretend like you’re the only person in the world”.

“Books are lovely. You should try reading Maryam AbdulWahab’s book series”.

“Oh please. The only time I read is when I need to sleep”. She rolled her eyes.

“AM I DREAMING?!” An unfamiliar male voice called from behind.

I wasn’t surprised. It was a usual thing to see fans that recognized my voice asks if I’m the Nadia of Felicity fm.

“Nadia Thanni?” He walked to our front, his hands shoved deeply inside his coverall.

I tried to gain her composure as I viewed the man on coverall. He wasn’t really handsome, but something about his look strikes me. He had a pair of lovely eyes and a messy brown hair that unexpectedly look attractive to me.

“You’re right”.

“Nice to meet you. I’m a great fan of yours. I listen to your show every morning”. He grinned, revealing the whitest of teeth.

“Thank you”. I smiled back.

“Mind if I sit with you guys?” He asked, holding a cup of cappuccino.

“No problem”. I said as Zaynah gave me sides stare.

“Pardon my manners. This is Zaynah, my best friend and co worker. She works inside the studio”.
“Nice to meet you Zaynah.”

“Same here”. She faked a smile.

“I’m Rasheed by the way and I’m’ currently working for the construction of the road down the street. I heard you say something about Maryam AbdulWahab’s books.”

“Yes. You’ve read Love by Fate?” I asked excitedly.

Zaynah doesn’t like books and my brother feels that Maryam’s books are too feminine.

“Yes I have. The Book1 is dope and Book2 is very amazing. I enjoyed reading Mansur and Sami’at’s part”. He said.

“Yes. How about the Book 3? Hassan and Hassanah’s story was nice”.

“You should have read Dhakiyah and Hayrah. It’s great”. He said as Zaynah yawned.

It was then we noticed that we had a third party.

“Gosh, I hate books. And what’s it about Maryam AbdulWahab?”

She was totally ignored. We kept talking till my alarm rung. Our lunch time was over and we needed to get back to work.

“It’s nice talking to you Nadia Thanni. I hope to see you again”. We exchanged contacts before Zaynah and I left the coffee shop.

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