Sunday 28 January 2018

Love Prose


Have you ever loved someone so much you can’t think of anything else? She occupies every depth of your thought. You can’t do a damn thing without thinking of her. She clouds your mind before you sleep. You find yourself dreaming only about her.

Yes, that’s the kind of love I have for her. You look at her and all you see is perfectness. Her smile lingers through your heart. Her loud laugh being the best thing you’ve ever heard. Every single day you see her, she looks more beautiful. You find any reason to not love her but instead, you love her the more.

It’s that sort of love that keeps you alive, revives and lightens you, occupies your thoughts and keeps you alive every single day.

Now have you ever seen an impossible love? Yes, that’s the love I have for her. Its impossible. You know why? ‘Cos we’re from different worlds. I’m right here staring at her while she walks out with her sisters. Her bedazzle dress sparking more than sunlight. She grins as usual making me blush in return. She laughs heartily with her sisters, creating a tune to my soul.

Now how can our love be possible when she’s the diamond and I’m the scrap.  She live in riches while I languish in poverty. I can never be noticed. How would I? When I scrub the death of earth, wearing a filthy garment, my face filled with black dust. Who would notice the face behind the black dust? No one!

“Here’s the morning paper Amanda…thank you “. She takes it without even glancing at my face.
The limo sped out of the street and I held the mop to my face, thinking of the fate of our love.
Well, there’s nothing to think about. My love will remain as it is. Unnoticed!

Maryam AbdulWahab, Love Prose.


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