Thursday 25 January 2018

Tissue Hearts

Episode Seven

Nadia’s Point of View
It was already getting dark and we both didn’t know how much time had gone until we checked our phones. We had talked for a really long time.

Rasheed grinned shyly as he raked his hair. “I’m sorry for keeping you till this time”.
Gosh! He was really lovely. Everything about him was.

“You shouldn’t be. We both enjoyed our time together”.

“We surely did. I just feel that I didn’t make you get enough time to rest. I fixed an impromptu date and you had to come here immediately after your close from work”.

“I’m really okay with this Rasheed. It made my day”. I smiled.

“Thanks Nadia. I think I should drop you off”.

“That will be nice of you”. I said, as we stood up, leaving the coffee shop.

The room was almost empty and the workers for the noon have changed duty for those working at night.

“I’m a civil engineer and the construction is finished. This means that my work around here ends this week”.

“Does that mean we won’t get to see ourselves often?” I pouted my lower lip.

“You think I can survive without seeing you?” He said as he entered the car.

As I turned to the other side of the door, I was glad that my blush was hidden from him.

He talked about his family as he drove to my house. They seem interesting and kinda scary. I wonder how awkward meeting with his sister, Waliyah will be.

We had just entered the compound when I remembered that I’ve said nothing about my family, probably he would have been prepared to meet Mahmud.

Mahmud was sitting at the entrance of the house, his hands folded tightly as he waited anxiously for my return.

Rasheed froze on his seat, catching sight of him. He looked like he was ready for a fight with the man that held his sister for that long.

“Are you sure I’m safe?” Rasheed’s voice shook terribly.

“Calm down Rasheed. He’s just trying to act protective. He’s harmless”.

“You’re sure?”

“Hundred percent”. I assured him as we got down from the car.

Rasheed stood at my back as we walked to the brother-turned-detective who laid scrutinizing eyes on Rasheed.

“Asalamu ‘alaykum”. He greeted.
“Wa’alaykumu salam,” Mahmud held his gaze with him, “Who are you?”
“I’m Rasheed”.
“What do you do?”

“I’m a civil engineer”.

“Where did you take my kid sister to?”

“This question is not necessary bro”. I intervened.

“I need to know where you’ve been and why you’re coming by this time”.

“We went on a date”. I replied.

“He’s the Rasheed that called this morning?”
“Yes he is”.

“Okay. Nice to meet you. Do you care for dinner? Nadia might not have told you that I’m a good cook”. He smirked.

I rolled my eyes at him, remembering some of his food that had made me puke or go to toilet.
Rasheed got eased up when he smiled. “I would have loved to but I need to get going now”.

“I hope to see you soon. Bye Rasheed”.

“Bye”. He smiled at me as he entered his car and drove off.

I turned to Mahmud with a frown. “What was that all about?”

“I did what a real big brother would do for his kid sister”.

“You’ve forgotten that this kid sister is old enough to be in her husband’s house”.

“I don’t give a damn. You still remain my kid sister”.

“I accept. I’m going inside”.

“We still need to talk”.

“Not till after I’ve prayed and eaten”. I wriggled my brows at him, entering the house.
*                                                              *                                                   *
“You don’t mean it!” Zaynah screamed as we walked into the company building the next morning.
I had just told her about the meeting with Rasheed and I had to beg her to keep shut.

“What don’t I mean?”

“That you guys said the ‘I love you’ stuff to yourselves”.

“Yes we did, not that we were not sincere”.

“Well, I think it’s too sudden”.

“Mahmud feels the same way”.

“I agree with him for the first tine”. She nodded.

“You guys are just assuming. You don’t even know what and how I’m feeling. I feel love Zaynah”.

“I still advice that you take things easy”.

“Why should I? Rasheed is a nice Muslim. It’s not like he’s a serial killer or something. Life is too short Zaynah. If two people love themselves, there is no point in wasting time. That’s my own opinion”. I argued.

“I still believe that you should take things slowly. Everything seems too perfect…”

“Love is perfect”. I intervened.

Zaynah turned to face me. “No, love is not perfect”.


“Hi”. We notice Yasmin walking towards us, dressed in an all designer dress.

“Asalamu ‘alaykum”. She flashed her usual bright, impressive smile.

“Wa’alaykumu salam Yasmin”.

I could hear Zaynah scoff.

“You look beautiful these days Nadia”. She commented.


“You’re welcome. I wanted to make sure that you guys do not forget the get-together tomorrow night”.

“No we’ve not”. Zaynah replied.

“So am I expecting you guys?”

“Definitely, yes”.

“Okay. Have a nice time”. She said, walking past us.

“Do you think I should invite Rasheed over for the party?” I asked Zaynah.

“That’s a fabulous idea. This will prove to Yasmin that you’re taken…to a cute one for that matter”. She laughed.

“Oh yeah”, we hi-fived, “Got to go. My show’s calling me”. I winked at her, entering the studio.

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