Tuesday 30 January 2018

Tissue Hearts

Episode Eight

Rasheed’s Point of View
I felt very excited when Nadia invited me as her company. It was the first time that we’d be going out together.

I decided that we wear the same outfit to the party. I had spent the whole day shopping for the best outfit and when I finally presented her dress, she was really happy.

I had some minutes to spend at home before picking Nadia up from home. I stared at myself in the mirror and wondered if Nadia would appreciate my look.

“She will, Rasheed”. My mom said, entering my room, like she could read my mind.


“My son is really handsome. Which lady wouldn’t go crazy over you”.

I blushed at my mom’s comment. I picked my wristwatch and wore my cap. “I should be leaving now mom”.

“Okay. Send my regards. When are you inviting her over?”

“Very soon mom. Goodbye”. I hugged her, picked my car keys and left the room.

I drove to Nadia’s house, eager to see how beautiful she would look in the purple outfit that I had chosen for her.

I parked in the compound and walked toward the door. I had just attempted to knock it when Mahmud came out.

I almost cringed in fear. “Asalamu ‘alaykum Mahmud”.

‘Wa’alaykumu salam. You’re the reason Nadia didn’t invite me over to the party. Anyway, the two are inside. I’ll go call them for you. Come inside”. He gestured as I smiled in return, entering the living room.

It was a simple furnished house occupied by Nadia and her brother. Nadia had once said that her Parents lived at a different part of the country and they do visit them when they are chanced”.

“Your love’s here Nadia”. Mahmud screamed.

“Shush or I’ll come break your head”. Nadia replied from her room.

“There goes my crazy sister”. He mouthed, entering inside.

Mahmud returned with a glass of juice. “This should keep you busy. The ladies take a whole lot of time before getting dressed”. He whispered.

I laughed. “I can relate to that”.

“I’ve got work inside. Make yourself comfortable”. He said, entering inside.

After five minutes, Nadia and Zaynah came out all dressed.

It took a lot of effort to lower my gaze as I caught glimpse of Nadia looking very beautiful and gorgeous in the purple outfit.

“I’m so sorry for keeping you waiting. We’re set to go now”. She smiled as we left the house and walked to the compound.

Nadia whispered into my ear. “You look very cute”.

“Same here”. I replied.

Zaynah quirked her eyebrows as she stared at us. “Uhmm. Now I’m the odd one here”.

“You’re not Zaynah”.

“I am. You guys are dressed in the same outfit and you’re whispering love words to yourselves, like I’m an obstacle”.

“No Zaynah. You’re highly welcomed”. I said as we entered the car.

Nadia described the venue and I drove there.

People were already seated when we arrived. We occupied a vacant seat and I studied the environment.

“Selfie with the boo”. Nadia grinned, taking snapshots of us.

“I’m not a big fan of pictures”. I managed to give some poses.

“You will be Rasheed… with the best friend now”. She took lovely pictures with Zaynah.

I noticed a familiar figure that resembles that of Yasmin but I ignored it. There was no way Yasmin would be here.

The ceremony started and drinks were served. I wasn’t used to attending get-togethers and so I busied myself talking with Nadia.

“That’s the organizer!” Nadia said as I turned to the podium.

Yasmin smiled usually as she addressed the crowd, appreciating the guests for honouring her invitation.

I was shocked to see Yasmin in front of us. I never knew she was the celebrant. If I had known…
“Are you okay Rasheed?”

“Yes I am. Where do you know her from?"

“Yasmin. One pompous lady that also works with Felicity fm”. Zaynah rolled her eyes.

I had no idea that Yasmin also works in Felicity fm. It might be a catastrophe if they get to meet each other through me. Yasmin is a determined and self possessive person.

“I need we should leave now. It’s getting really dark”.

“No we can’t Rasheed. We have to greet Yasmin before leaving. I also have to introduce you to her”. Nadia said.

My legs felt wobbly as I saw Yamin greet the guests’ table-by-table.

“The sophisticated lady is here”. Zaynah muttered.

Yasmin walked over to us and the smile vanished from her face when she noticed me, more when she noticed our uniform outfit.

“Are you guys related?”

“No Yasmin. They’re engaged!” Zaynah said.

Nadia stood to give the introduction. “Meet Rasheed, the love of my life, and meet Yasmin, my co-worker”.

Yasmin glared at me with disgust. “You guys are engaged? You’re engaged to Nadia? When did that happen?”

Nadia stared at us. “What’s going on here? You guys know each other?”

Yasmin ignored her. “How dare you Rasheed. How dare you break my heart this way? You came here to humiliate me or what?”

“I had no idea that it’s your party. I wouldn’t have come”.

“Rasheed, where do you know her from?”

“This party is over. You guys should leave now!” She screamed as it drew the attention of others.

Yasmin’s elder sister whispered to her. “This shouldn’t disrupt the get-together. Comport yourself and let us go”. She held her as they walked her out of the place.

“What is the meaning of that?”

“I’m sorry Nadia. I can explain”.

“I’m all ears”.

“We have to go first. We’ll talk on the way”.

“Can you please talk now?”

“My sister is trying to hook me up with Yasmin and I’ve told her times without number that I’m not interested”.

“Okay. Zaynah, lets grab a taxi”. She said as they left the party.

I was left to sit and brood over what just happened.

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