Saturday 6 January 2018

Tissue Hearts

Episode Four

Nadia’s Point of View
“Hello Zaynah”. I gave my brightest smile as I entered Zaynah’s little sports car.

She usually pick me up from home after dropping off her son at school. We’ll both go to work from there.

Zaynah, instead replied with a scowl. “What’s up with your cool smile and lovely dress? Please get in or we’ll get to work late”. She placed her hands on the steering wheels.

“Who knows who I might bump into today? You wouldn’t want me looking like a clown”. I gave her a knowing grin as I took my seat.

She had just started the ignition when my front door opened. My elder brother ran out with two cups. I had forgotten to take the tea I made.

“You forgot this…Asalamu ‘alaykum Zaynah”. He greeted.

“Wa’alaykumu salam Mahmud. Have a nice day”.

“You too”. He handed me the cup and waved.

Zaynah drove out of the compound as she bit her lower lip. “The last time you made me tea was when you were still with Maher. Are you feeling the same now?”

“Yes Zaynah. I feel that sparks of love, like there are butterflies in my stomach”.

“You better be careful. Remember, once bitten, twice shy”. She warned.

“Yes ma. How is Nabil?” I needed to change topic. I never want to dwell in my past and painful relationship again.

“I don’t get Nadia. His rate of development is alarming. You wouldn’t believe that I had to shop again yesterday because he finished everything at home. His teacher told me this morning to increase the quantity of meal I serve him for lunch”. She laughed.

“Oh gosh! Nabil is gonna eat you one day!”
*                                                                *                                                                      *
We left the coffee shop after lunch with no sight of Rasheed. I thought he’d come there for lunch but he didn’t.

“Why don’t you just call him”. Zaynah watched me give a disappointed look as we walked back to the company.

“No. He has to call first”.

Zaynah gave me an unbelievable look. “You still maintain that notion?”


“Even when it is apparent that you’re missing him?”

“I’ve got work to do. Who cares about whom?"

Zaynah quirked her eyebrows. “I see. I’ll just call him and inform him that you do not miss him”.

“No way!” I held my phone tight.

“But you do not miss him”.

“I do miss him Zaynah and you know that”.

We were just entering the company building when we bumped into Yasmin.

We worked in the same company but we hardly talk. I guess she feels that she’s over our leagues but who cares?

“Asalamu ‘alaykum ladies”. She smiled at us.

She looked beautiful as always in a yellow and black designer gown. Her dimple showing her cute she is.

“Wa’alaykumu salam Yasmin. How are you?”

“I’m always fine,” She smiled confidently, “I have a little get-together this weekend”.

“Really? What are you celebrating?” Zaynah asked.

“I just want to meet up with friends and family you know. I’m inviting you along with someone…oops, I know you ladies are single but you can come up with something. Nadia, your brother can come along with you and Zaynah, your son”. She chuckled, leaving our presence.

“What did she just say?” Zaynah frowned as she watched her leave.

“Ignore please. Its Yasmin remember?”

*                                                          *                                                             *
I returned home to hear loud laughs from inside. It would surely be Mahmud but who was he with?

“Oh, she’s here”. He screamed as I entered the living room.

“Wa’alaykumu salam. Ameenah?”

“I’ve missed you Nadia”. She stood to give me a big hug.

Ameenah is my step sister. I come from a polygamous home and she’s the only child of my step mother.

Whenever she visited, it was great fun, mainly for Mahmud because he thinks that I’m boring.

“I’ve missed you too”.

“I’ve missed her more”. Mahmud interrupted, laughing hard.

I rolled my eyes at him. “Get something doing big bro”.

“Yes I am, spending quality time with lovely Ameenah”. He smirked.

“I enjoy your show Nadia. I listen to it and boast to my friends that that’s my sister”. She smiled.

“Thanks sis”.

“You had a hectic day at work? Why do you look dull?” Mahmud studied me.

“I’m…” I said as my phone rang.

It was Rasheed calling. I hadn’t spoken to him since yesterday.

I hurried to pick the call when a hand snatched it from me.

“Who is Rasheed?”

“I’ll explain later. Just give me the phone!” I screamed.

“I need to know now”. He insisted.

“Act like a perfect gentleman and hand the phone over to me”. I struggled along with him.
Our hands accidentally clicked on the answer button and I struggled harder.

“A new guy?”

“Something like that”. I blushed, taking the phone from him and entering inside.

“You guys still act like cat and rat”. I could hear Ameenah laugh as I entered my room.

“Hello Rasheed. I’m sorry about that”.

“Who was that?”

“My elder brother. He keeps acting like I’m still his little sister”.

Rasheed laughed. “I get that. My elder sister does the same”.

“How was your day?” He asked.

“It was cool”.

“I’m sorry for just calling. I’ve been pretty stressed up since yesterday”.

“It’s alright…its fine. I understand”.

“You’re sure?”

“Yes I am”.

“Are you going to be free tomorrow?”

“Get here now Rasheed or I’ll bang into your room and distrupt whatever your doing!”. A voice was heard in the background.

“Your elder sister?”

“You got that right. I’ll talk to you later Nadia. Bye”.

“Bye”. I smiled, hanging up.

I retreated to going back to the living room. It was nice having people to talk and laugh with.


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