Tuesday 9 January 2018

Tissue Hearts

Episode Five

Rasheed’s Point of View
I entered Waliyah’s room to see her concentrated on her laptop. She closed it immediately she caught sight of me.

“You were on a call?”

“Yes, and you made me end such an important call”. I stared at her with folded arms.

She ignored me with a wave of her hand. “Yasmin is inviting you…”

“I’m not interested in anything Yasmin. Why wouldn’t you just let me be? I’m quite matured to choose a woman of my choice”. I glared at her.

She stared at me in surprise. I haven’t spoken that way to my sister before.

She took some seconds to sigh before replying. “I’m really sorry brother. I just want the best for you”.

“Thanks for your care but I don’t want it. I’m satisfied with my choice”. I blurted.

“Okay Rasheed. I’m travelling tomorrow”.

“Really? Where?”

“Moshood’s Parents wants to see me”. She replied.

“Who chose Moshood for you?”

“I chose him myself”.


“Because I love him”.

“That’s right”. I blinked at her, knowing she’ll understand the reason for my questions.

“I said I’m sorry”.

“It’s okay sis. You just want to win the best sister awards. I need to sleep”.

“C’mon. I’m watching a movie and it’s really nice”.

“I need to sleep Waliyah. Maybe when you get back from your journey?”

“Okay. Goodbye love”. She said as I left her room.
*                                                                *                                                                         *
“…It’s another great morning to achieve your dreams and aspirations. Call me and tell me your wish for today”.

“Good Morning Nadia. I’m a first time caller” Someone said.

“Yay! Nice to have you on the show. What’s your name and your wish for today?”

“My name is Frank. I have a job interview today and I wish to chosen for the job”.

“I wish you the best dear. I wish you success in your interview”.

“Thanks Nadia. Bye”.

Another call entered. “I’m Remi calling from Ajah”.

“Nice to have you on the show. What’s your wish for today?”

“I wish to have an eventful day. You know, to experience something remarkable and memorable”. The caller laughed.

“I get that Remi. I wish you the very best…”

I smiled as I listened to Nadia’s show. I’ve missed her so much. We’ve seen just once and I was eager to see her again…watch her talk cheerfully and hear the laugh sound that causes my stomach to have a funny sensation.

I also needed to make up for the previous days. We’ve not spoken much and I needed to express my feelings.

I smirked as I thought of the best method to use. I picked up my phone and dialed the  number.

Surprisingly, it connected within seconds. “What’s your name and your wish for today?”

“I’m Rasheed. My wish is to take a beautiful and gorgeous lady out on a date. I’ve met her only once at a coffee shop and I’m dying to see her today, to tell her how beautiful she is and challenge her for stealing my heart completely.
Nadia didn’t respond. I could hear some breaths faintly as she hesitated to reply. “So you have it Rasheed. I’m pretty sure she’s eager to go on a date with you”.
“Okay. Bye”. I hung the call and held my fist in the air. I was going on a date with Nadia!

*                                               *                                                                         *
The work on the construction will be over this week and I finished work pretty early. I still needed to freshen up for the date because I wouldn’t want to meet her looking sticky, sweaty and disheveled.

I hurried home to get changed before Nadia closes from work or I’ll make her wait…which is not a great thing for a woman you’re trying to win her heart.

I almost bumped into my mom when entering. “Whoa! Why the rush?

“I’m sorry mom. I didn’t see notice you were there”.

“Okay. You’re just on time. I’m making white rice and fish stew”.

“I’m sorry but I have to leave any moment from now, maybe when I get back”.

“You forgot something? Why didn’t you just go from work?”

“It’s a date…and I’m getting late”. I cringed, gnashing my teeth.

“Oh my gosh! Please go change…and wear the black shirt you bought last week”.

“You’re the best mom”. I gave her a brief hug as I hurried inside to take a shower.

I dressed up and hurried back to the coffee shop. I knew that Nadia would have been waiting for me but it would be worse showing up tattered and unkempt than arriving late.

I parked my car by the side of the shop and entered into the building…and behold, I saw the love of my life. 

She was seated in the same place we had once met, the same spot I had fallen in love with her. They say love is mysterious and I guess I believe that now.

She looked beautiful as she stared at the natural view at her side, feeling peaceful and calm. Her lovely eyes, studying the beauty and greenness of nature with enthusiasm.

She turned slightly and then spotted me, walking towards the table. She gave a shy smile as she played with the tip of her cup.

“Asalamu ‘alaykum”.

“Wa’alaykumu salam Nadia. You look beautiful”.

“Thank you”. She blushed seriously.

I was the nervous one now. It was hard sitting with a beautiful lady. “Hope you had a great time at work?”

“Yes I did. It’s my major source of fulfillment and I’ve felt no regret for being a presenter”.

“I’m glad to hear that. Nadia?”

“Yes Rasheed”.

“I know this might sound awkward but I’ve never felt this way before, after meeting you. I don’t know if I should call it love at first sight…”

“I feel the same way”, she interrupted,”Like the novels I read”.

“This might be fast but I have to say it. I love you Nadia”.

“I love you too Rasheed”.

If I was an ice, I could have melted away. Meeting Nadia still feels like a dream, like I’m in a state of oblivion with no knowledge of what’s going on.

The love for her has controlled every part of me and right now, I don’t know which work most. My heart or brain?

“I got you these”. I brought out a bouquet of lilies.

Her eyes grew very wide in surprise and excitement. “How do you know I love lilies?”

“You said so last month on your show. I stuck that in mind and promised to get you one”.

“Thanks so much Rasheed”.

“You’re welcome”.

We talked for hours and I sincerely enjoyed every bit of my stay with Nadia.