Wednesday 21 February 2018

Tissue Hearts (Episode Eleven)

Nadia’s Point of View

I hurried into the car when Zaynah picked me on Monday morning. I flashed my brightest smile as I took my seat and wore the belt.

“Rasheed has made you happier. My friend comes out every morning with a brighter look”.

“That’s what happens when you’re in love”.

Zaynah gasped when she noticed my sparkling hand. She screamed when she saw what was engraved on it. “I feel jealous right now”.

“Rasheed is the sweetest. He said we should proceed with our marriage preparations”.

“Oh my gosh! So you’ll go from becoming Miss. To Mrs.”.

“Yes Zaynah. I’ll start thinking of making babies and raising children like you”.

“Oh yeah”. Zaynah laughed as she drove on the road.

Zyanah was my true friend, not just because she’s always there in times of need but also because she shares my happiness with me. Her husband might be late but she never compares herself with me.

“What?” She notices me stare at her.

“What, what? Did I touch or beat you? Okay, let me do that now”. I beat her playfully.

“I’m driving now Nadia. Wait till we get to work. I promise to avenge!” She laughed.

We got to the company and I rushed in to take my show. I was pretty happy as I spoke to the callers and encouraged them to have a motivating day.

“…We’ll go on a commercial break, more to come your way when we get back”. I said as I pulled off the headphone and turned to Mr. Jones.

“You sound very revived today”. He commented.

“Yes and a cup of tea will make me the most revived”.

“Okay. I’ll get that now”. He said leaving.

I rested on my chair and stared at the sparkling bracelet on my wrist. “The day is going to be great”. I muttered.
*                                                                *                                                              *
The show was finally over. I sighed deeply and wore my shoes, preparing to meet Zaynah in her office so that we’ll go for lunch.

I had just attempted to stand from my seat when I noticed a familiar hand rose in the air.

I blinked severally to make sure that I was dreaming but I was truly not. He was the same way, dressed in a designer shirts and expensive pants. His sunglasses stayed the same way on his neatly cut hair and he smiled as usual, a smile of confidence and satisfaction.

“This should be a dream. It must be a dream”. I muttered, fighting the tears that begged to be released.

What was he doing here? Why now?

I felt like the ground should open and swallow me up, Meeting Maher again was a nightmare I never wanted to experience.

“Maher is here as usual with lots of goodies. He has been cheering workers for a while now”. Mr. Jones said with a smirk, “Why hasn’t he come here for a long time? I’ve missed the things he buys for us”.

“Please can you excuse me Mr. Jones?”

“Okay. I’m sorry Nadia”. He lowered his head, leaving.

Maher walked graciously inside and I perceived the perfume that had always drawn me to him.

I hid my fidgeting hands because they showed how nervous I was.

“Asalamu ‘alaykum Nadia”. He sang, his deep voice making the whole room shriek.

“Wa’alaykumu salam Maher. What are you doing here?”

What did he want and why was he here?

“I can explain everything. Can you give me a chance? I’ve called your boss and he agreed for you to take the day off”.

“What?!” I yelled.

It was then I remembered who Maher was. He was very rich, powerful and influential. Making a call to my boss wasn’t a big deal for him.

“Well, okay”. I grabbed my bag and stood up to leave.

I turned to see him smiling. “I have missed you Nadia”.

“Can we go now?”

“Okay. Let’s have lunch”. We walked out of the office and I folded my hands, wishing that everything will turn out to be a dream.

His red Porsche car was parked in the parking lot and I waited for him to open the door.

It was then I noticed Zaynah at the entrance of the company with a pitiful look. I smiled back with an assurance that all will be fine.

I wasn’t sure all will be fine because I couldn’t figure out why he came back.

He drove out of the company building and then the past flashed back to me. How could I have forgotten everything suddenly?

We had first met at a conference. He was invited as a special guest. Maher Zubayr was a successful business man and motivational speaker.
When he gave his speech, he wowed the listeners as well as me. He had the power to capture everyone and his infectious smile could melt a set of crowd. Maher didn’t just have a good taste of clothing; he was very handsome and intelligent. He was like the models we see in movies or imagine in novels, tall, dark and very handsome.
Maher and I met at the buffet section, when we serve ourselves meal. He approached me and I must confess, he swept me off my feet.
I fell in love with him at once. He took me on a date and treated me to the best of meal and drink. I felt like a Princess.
After much research, I heard from sources that he has jilted many women. Due to his nature of work, he travels all around. He has no particular settlement.
Maher assured me that he had changed his ways and was ready to fall in love and settle down. He confessed that he had fallen in love with me and that was when our relationship started.
We were madly in love with each other. Maher showered me with all the fancy things a woman would wish for. I introduced him to my Parents and we dreamt of our lives together.
I felt like the luckiest to win the heart of a very rich, handsome and influential person. Our relationship was perfect…too perfect.
Our love continued till Maher visited me after I’ve just finished my show. He brought lots of goodies as usual and my co-workers cheered him. He took me to an eatery and broke the news. He had been invited to make a speech in the graduation ceremony of a school in UK. Maher had to be there for two weeks and he promised to return afterwards.
He promised to stay in touch and expressed how much he was going to miss me.
It was the last time I heard of Maher. He never called or sends a mail. I waited for months with the hope that he would return and explain the reason…but it never happened.
I felt lost and heartbroken. I couldn’t give my show for weeks. Mahmid and Zaynah tried their possible best to ensure that I get normal emotionally, psychologically and physically. With time, I got over him.
I moved on with life and made Maher my past. I promised to never think of him or remember the fun time we spent together.
I met Rasheed and fell in love again. Just after I gave love another chance, Maher returns again with reasons I have no idea of.

He clears his throat and glanced at my arm, where the silver bracelet rested.

Maher didn’t say a word as he parked in the fancy restaurant he always took me for lunch.
I’ve missed this…Oh no Nadia, this is all past. I tried to gain my composure as we got down from the car and entered.

We took a seat and glanced through the menu. A waitress came seconds after to take our order.

“We’ll have paella, salad and baked chicken”. He gave the waitress a flirty smile and winked at me.
Arrogant you!  I rolled my eyes.

I played with the tip of my veil as we waited for the order to be served. We both didn’t say a word and I wondered why he was that quiet.

The meal and was served and we took our cutleries, ready to eat.

Maher offered me a spoon of his food and I declined. It was his custom, to give me a taste of whatever he was about to eat before he does. It was an act I always considered as the most romantic and I always blushed when he did so.

“Sweetheart, it’s just a spoon”. He urged.

I glared at him. “You have no right to call me by that name”.


“I’m serious Maher. Don’t call me by that”.

“Okay Nadia, you have to take this bite”.

“What if I don’t?”

Maher raked his hair. “I’ll keep holding the spoon to your mouth and people will keep staring at you, wondering why you’re so cruel to your lover. You’ll have no choice but to eat it”. He said in his lovely British accent.

I concurred and ate from his spoon. He smirked and continued eating.

I had truly missed such a great meal. It was really tasty and savvy. I had not have lunch in such exquisite atmosphere for a while and eating an Italian dish made me feel great.

We sipped the fruity wine after our meal and I decided to break the silence.

“Why are you here Maher?”

“I’ll explain everything to you”.


“When we leave here”.

“I thought we came here to talk about that”.

“We came here to have lunch”.

“Why are you doing this Maher? You came abruptly after so many after so many months and you still have so much confidence”.

“I’m sorry Nadia. I’m just trying to make up for the old days”.

“You’re not making up for anything. You’re only worsening it”.

“Can we leave now?”

“Where are we going to?”

“I’ll let you know when we get to the car”. He paid the bill and walked out of the restaurant, as I followed meekly behind him.

A/N: Wowww! Maher is back! What d'you think would happen to Nadia and Rasheed's relationship? WATCH OUT!!!

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