Tuesday 13 February 2018

Tissue Hearts (Episode Ten)

Rasheed’s Point of View

It was Saturday, not just a Saturday but the day Nadia would visit my family for the first time.

I was really eager because it was the first time I’d be introducing a woman to my family, the woman I wish to spend the rest of my life with.

I assisted my mom in the kitchen while she made Nadia’s favourite. She loved fried yam and scrambled eggs.

I hoped my dad behaves very friendly and simple and my sister does not act nonchalant in front of Nadia. She had laid her complain and hesitation about meeting Waliyah. I had assured that she is a nice sister even though she acts annoying sometimes.

Waliyah arrived home on Friday and I’d acted funny with her. If not for her, I wouldn’t have known a Yasmin and my life would be much better.

“Rasheed”. She called, entering the kitchen.

I ignored her call as I washed the dishes.

“You wouldn’t pretend like you didn’t hear me. I thought we’ve settled this before I travelled”. She held my right shoulder.

“Not after Yasmin caused a scene in front of Nadia”.

“That wasn’t my fault. I never knew you would attend the party, let alone know that Yasmin would act that way”.

“If you hadn’t hooked us up, all these wouldn’t have happened”.

“And I said I’m sorry. I’ve warned Yasmin to not pester you again and I’ve respected your opinion. You own your life and know what’s best for you”.

“Thanks sis”.

“You’re always the best”. She hugged me.

Just then did we notice our father beside the fridge with a cup of water.

We yelled and shook like we’ve seen a ghost.

“You guys having a secret discussion?”

“No dad” We replied in unison.

“I heard you’re bringing home your future wife”.

“Yes…I am”.

“That’s good. I’ll be expecting to meet her”. He said, leaving the kitchen.

Waliyah and I stared at ourselves for minutes before cracking up. “Dad said that?”

“We were both here when he did”. I cackled.

“Okay, I think I should go to my room. I’ve got a few things to do”. Waliyah said leaving.

After taking care of the meal, I had a bath and got dressed. Nadia called that she was on the way and I informed everyone.

The table was set and everyone waited eagerly to see who have won my heart.

“Asalamu ‘alaykum”. She knocked.

I knew at once that she was the one. Her voice was sweet and unique.

She walked in elegantly, her gown flowing along with her. Her face was the brightest, her smile lighting up the room.

“Wa’alaykumu salam. Nadia?” My mom walked up to her, giving her a tight hug.

“Yes ma”.

“You look beautiful and fabulous”.

“Thank you ma”.

“This is my mother, my father and sister, Waliyah”.

“Nice to meet you all”.

“My brother has said a lot about you. I’m glad to meet you in person. You look more beautiful than I imagine when I listen to my show”. Waliyah said as they walked to the dining room.

“She looks nice”. My mom smiled.

“Have you inquired about her family background, piety, health status, genotype…”

“Yes I have father”. I replied.

“Well, let’s go eat then”. He said as we joined Nadia and Waliyah at the dining room.

The visit was great and Nadia and Waliyah turned out to be best of friends.

She talked for long with my family and they seem to enjoy her company. Who wouldn’t love being with Nadia? She was such a lovely and sweet person.

After the meeting, I took her out to get some nice drinks. We planned on going before the visit but as things turned out, we had to go after.

“Your family is very nice and friendly”. She commented, sipping her fruit juice.

“I can’t wait to meet yours”.

“They too. I’ve told them about you”. She smiled.

“I’m eager for us to tie the knots. I want to own you to my heart, to wake up with you by side”.
“I feel the same way Rasheed”.

“Don’t you think we should start planning our wedding?”

“Yes. We should be husband and wife in a few months time”. She grinned.

 “This might look awkward but I have something to give to you”.

“What’s that?”

“It’s a bracelet,” I brought a silver bracelet engraved with our names, “I’ve always love this couple thing, having a piece to symbolize their love. I hope you like it”.

“I love it Rasheed”, she popped her eyes in gleam and excitement, “Thanks so much. You walked into my life and turned in around. It’s like I’m in a different world”. She said.

“That’s way too much for me. I’ve not done anything. You deserve more than this because you’re adorable”.

“Thank you”.

“What if I haven’t walked into the coffee shop that afternoon? I might not have seen you”.

“And what if Zaynah, and I decided to eat at the restaurant before coming. You’ll be long gone before we arrived there”. She laughed.

“What if you hadn’t said a word to Zaynah. I wouldn’t have looked your way while passing”.

“That is why all love is by fate. We were destined to meet by fate and fall in love”.

“Yes Nadia. I love you so much”.

"I love you too".
A/N: The next episode will a bomb. Can you guess who'd appear in the next episode? Rasheed and Nadia's relationship looks too perfect. Lets see how it goes when 'he' arrives.💓 
 How would you feel if the Nitty Wall bring out a drama series? I guess it would be fun.

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