Tuesday 6 February 2018

Tissue Hearts

                                                                       Episode Nine

Nadia’s Point of View
I sat in the studio and I felt reluctant to speak to my microphone for the first time. It was something that gave me a source of fulfillment and happiness.

After the incident last night, I have not been able to think through. It was terrible knowing that Yasmin and Rasheed have some things together.

“Ma’am, you’ll start the show in the next five minutes. Hope you’re fine?” Mr. Jones asked.

“I will be fine. Thank you Sir”.

“Nadia!” Zaynah called, entering the studio.


“You shouldn’t think about what happened last night. You trust Rasheed, don’t you?”

“I do, but his sister is trying to hook them up”.

“It’s not like he accepted”.

“Its Yasmin we’re talking about here. We both know who Yasmin is”.

“You have to take it easy. You remember when we were talking about the love being too perfect? 
This shows that it’s not, that there are hurdles and obstacles that you have to face to be together”.

“You’re right Zaynah. Some of the novels I read portray hindrances and enemies that strive to make sure that the love becomes impossible. Yasmin is just too much to bear”.

“You both love yourself and that’s what matters okay?”

“Okay Zaynah”.

“Now, get your show going”.

*                                                   *                                                                       *
Zaynah and I were on our way for lunch when Yasmin obstructed us.

“What do we call what happened last night?” She asked, standing hands akimbo.

“I should be asking you”.

“Are you trying to compete with me? You’re trying to take the only person that I love the most”.

“I never knew you guys know each other”.

“That’s a big lie. I know that you’re always jealous of me. Your tactics will not work. I’m going to get married to Rasheed and there’s nothing you’ll do about it”. She yelled, walking out on us.

“Ignore her. She can’t do anything”.

“I’m scared Zaynah”.

“You don’t have to be. Rasheed loves you and that’s what matters”. She re-assured me as we walked to the coffee shop.

When we entered, we noticed that our usual seat has been occupied. I looked closely to notice that it was Rasheed.

“Act like you’re really mad and let him do the begging”. Zaynah whispered as she took another seat.

I walked to where he was. “Hi Rasheed”.

“Hello. How are you doing?”

“I’m fine” I sat quietly.

“Do you care for anything?”

“I’m fine for now”.

“I’m really sorry about last night Nadia. If I knew it was Yasmin, I wouldn’t have attended. My sister has been trying to get us together and I never conceded. Just before she travelled, I made her realize that I’ve found someone else and Yasmin and I would never be possible”.

“Are you telling the truth?”

“I am, Nadia. I’ve never felt this way before. You’re my love, my everything. I cherish you so much Nadia”. He begged as I turned sideways with a frown.

I was blushing internally.

“I cannot imagine spending my future with no one else than you. Okay, let me make it up to you. Can I take you to somewhere for the weekend and after then, you’ll get to meet my family?”

“Are you for real?” I grinned broadly.

“I am, Nadia”.

“That will be nice”. I turned to Zaynah smiling.

She scrunched her face, trying to get what was going on but I blinked in reply, promising I’ll feed her with the story later.

“I feel relieved now. What do you want?”

“A cup of cappuccino, just like you’ll have it”. I laughed as he joined.

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