Tuesday 27 February 2018

Tissue Hearts (Episode Twelve)

Rasheed’s Point of View

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I waited long for Nadia to walk into the coffee shop and she didn’t. I glanced at every soul that stepped inside but Nadia was clearly out of sight.

Her lunch time was almost over. It meant that she wasn’t coming. I tried her line but she didn’t pick up.

I felt bad and irritated. We had a date. She could have called to inform me that she couldn’t make it…or rather pick my call. I had brutally missed her.

I gave it a different thought. She might have been really busy or not been with her phone. Nadia was someone I trusted. There was no way she could have stood me out.

I grabbed my car keys, held my cup of coffee and walked out of the shop. I had a pretty busy day and it was time to return home and get a good sleep.

I was about entering the car when I caught sight of Zaynah, walking done the road with a bag of lunch.

“Hey Zaynah!” I called.

She turned and walked to me. “Asalamu ‘alaykum Rasheed”.

“Wa’alaykumu salam. Do you know where Nadia is? I’ve waited endlessly and tried her number but I don’t seem to locate her”.

“Oh, she went out with a friend”.

“A friend?!”

“Yeah. A long time friend came visiting and they went out for lunch”.

“She could have just given a call. We have a date”. I frowned.

“I’m really sorry Rasheed. It might skip her mind. I’ve got to go”.

“Okay. Thanks so much. Have a nice day”.

“You too”. She said leaving.

I entered the car and drove off the road.

I thought of my time with Nadia and grinned. She was truly my heart desire, my heart beat. No time my heart beat without the thought of her lovely smile and luscious lips I’ve longed to taste.

It was time, the time to get married and spend the rest of my life with the woman that makes me happy. It was time to tie the knots with Nadia.

I smiled happily as I glanced sideways to see if the road was clear. I saw a lady that looks exactly like Nadia come out with a man. They laughed excitedly, holding loads of shopping bags.

It was Nadia. I wasn’t mistaken.

I parked at the road side and watched as they enter a red Porsche car. Was that the friend that Zaynah talked about?

It shouldn’t be! I thought.

They drove off the road, talking and laughing wildly. I never wanted to doubt Nadia and seeing her looking bright with a very handsome man was indeed suspecting.

They practically looked like couples. Was that why she wouldn’t pick up her phones?

I fumed at the drivers as I drove home. I needed to take a rest and get re-assured that all that happened today was a dream.

I parked lazily in the compound and hurried into the house. Waliyah and Yasmin were in the living room watching TV. I ignored them and walked my way out to the kitchen to get myself a cold drink.

“What’s the meaning of that?” Waliyah blocked me before I could leave.

“I had a terrible day Waliyah. I need to rest”.

“That does not guarantee you to walk out on us. How was your date with Nadia?”

“She didn’t show up. I need to go now”.

“She was probably busy”, Waliyah shrugged, “Is that why you’re all worked up?” She rolled her eyes.

“You can’t understand”.

“Well, let me understand”.

I stared at her for a moment. “Forget it”. I said, leaving.

“I know why she didn’t show up. He came back”. Yasmin said.

“Who came back?” I paused.

“It’s better you ask her yourself. I’m leaving Waliyah”. She took her bag and leaves the living room.

“Sit down Rasheed, I’ll get you cold water”. Waliyah said and I sunk in the soft sofa and placed my hands on my head.

She returned seconds later and handed the water. “What happened today?”

I sipped the water. “Nadia didn’t show up for the date. Her friend told me that an old friend came and they went out. I saw Nadia and a well-to-do man walk out of a shopping mall on my way home”. I sadly said.

“So? It could be her cousin, step brother…or even a close friend”.

“How about what Yasmin said?”

“You shouldn’t mind Yasmin. You should love and trust Nadia”.

“Okay Waliyah”.

“Go get a nap. I think you need it”.

“Okay”. I held my phone and dialed Nadia’s number more times.

“Leave your phone and take a nap. I don’t want you worrying over nothing”. She said.

“Thanks sis. I’ll go rest now”. I said, entering my room.

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