Monday 12 March 2018

How to Start Off Your Week With a Fresh Look

Today was a very wonderful day; I didn’t have to jump into buses and keke napep to get to work. My dad was going to the airport and he decided to take me along and drop me off…I didn’t even spend a penny for transport; that’s if you can imagine how much I saved. I had a wonderful breakfast. I packed my lunch and sat in the hold up, watching my series movie and reading Paulo Coelho’s Adultery. This is a definitely a good definition of ‘enjoyment’. Well yeah, you don’t have to be as lucky as I am to get start your week great.
I have highlighted some tips to enable you have a fresh look on a Monday morning.

1.     Wear a lovely and classy outfit
When my sister was about travelling yesterday, she held one of my blouses and tested it. It was indeed beautiful. I had bought it last three weeks after closure from work and I haven’t worn it before.
“Maybe I should wear this tomorrow. Don’t even think of taking it along with you”. I rolled my eyes.
I had started to feel great right from yesterday as I imagined myself rocking the top. Fast forward to today, I took my steps lightly and stylishly, knowing that I look and feel great!

2.     Have a nice Breakfast
I had planned what to eat today since last night. My mouth salivated to the taste of beef stew, rice and boiled egg…and I enjoyed every bit if it!

3.     Be Prepared
You wouldn’t want to start searching for a shoe or phone charger when you should be getting dressed for work. Ensure you pack every single thing before the following morning.

4.     Pray and Meditate
Remember that you wouldn’t be alive without the grace of God. Thank Him for sparing your life and pray that you have a fruitful and amazing week.

5.     Smile
Yeah, you’ve got to smile. I promise that you wouldn’t look crazy. It makes you feel light, fresh and revived.

Don’t forget to catch up with me next week. Have a fresh and fruitful week!



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