Monday 19 March 2018

Morning Cheesecake

                                      Starting a Fresh Week without Regret

We often have so many expectations for the weekend. It is like we’d be able to complete all of our planned activities before the start of a fresh week. We start the weekend with so much enthusiasm and end up with regrets due to our inability to complete our laid down tasks.

This is my weekend story. I had lots of activities to do. I planned on creating new contents for my blog, making a feast to celebrate my young sis. JAMB result, go for a glasses test and get a new set for my eyes, finish the Paulo's book I’d been reading since the beginning of the week…and other activities.

Now this is it, we planned on going to the eye clinic, meeting with my dad's appointment and going to the market for shopping. We ended up leaving home late and because of that, we could achieve just a thing… meeting with the appointment. I was able to read Paulo’s book, though I still couldn’t complete it.

I told myself ‘I’ll stay all night, enjoy some data bonus and do lots of planned activities'. I ended up sleeping through the night and waking up with grumbles and lamentations.

Then Sunday came and I ended up pushing all other activities to the pitiful day. I achieved some other things, but not half of what I had planned.
Now this is it, we have to give a realistic target for our weekend. We should have time for fun, work and relaxation…after all, it’s the weekend.

We shouldn’t be in despair if we don’t achieve our planned goals. Shit happens unexpectedly and we can’t control them.

We are not machines and so we cannot keep track of all of our activities. Create a to-do list highlighting goals for the day. Have a small jotter to list your planned goals for the week (from the most important to the least) and work towards making them a reality. This way, you’ll be to keep track of all activities and prevent procrastination and forgetfulness.

Enjoy your weekend to the fullest, have a fresh start for the week and you’ll have nothing to regret.



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