Tuesday 20 March 2018

Tissue Hearts (Episode Fifteen)

Nadia’s Point of View

Zaynah totally ignores me as we walked into the company. She had been doing that for a while now. She didn’t even reply my greetings when she picked me up from home. Oh well, Mahmud is acting the same way.

“Okay, I don’t get why you and Mahmud are totally ignoring me” I raised my hands.

She turned and glared at me after a long while. “That’s because we care for you and we pity you. You’re creating destruction with your own hands”.

“That’s way too much. It’s not entirely my fault; I’m in the middle of the fence now”.

“What fence?”

“The fence between Maher and Rasheed. They’re both lovely and I both love them”.

“You’re really confused Nadia. Maher is no doubt a very sweet guy but you cannot deny your love for Rasheed”.

“Yes Zaynah, I’m totally confused”.

“Why don’t you go with what your heart says?”

“My heart says both men”.

“That’s not possible. You can’t love both the same way”.

“This discussion is giving me headache. I need to focus on my morning show”.

“Okay. You said you’re meeting Rasheed during lunch?”


“That’s perfect. Let’s get to work!”
*                                                                         *                                                                        *
It was lunch time and I walked out with Zaynah. Rasheed and I have promised to meet at the nearby fancy restaurant that Maher always take me to.

I turned sideways and saw Rasheed in a deep conversation with Yasmin. Not only were they talking but they laughed excitedly. They seem to be having a great time together.

“Are you jealous?” Zaynah smirked.

“Of course I am. That’s Rasheed and Yasmin”. I pointed at them like Zaynah couldn’t see herself.

“That’s how it feels when you’re with Maher”. She said matter-of-factly.

Guilt washed all over me as I stared at them. I needed to put an end to this.

“Rasheed!” I called.

“Be nice Nadia”. Zaynah whispered as she left my presence.

I watched her greet Rasheed as he walked up to me. “Hey you”. He smiled.

“What’s the meaning of that? Why were you with Yasmin?”

“Hmmm. Now she’s jealous”.

“Why wouldn’t I be? You’ve never liked Yasmin”.

“Yeah, but I just discovered that she’s a nice person. She might be proud and pompous but she’s actually nice”.


“What? It’s not that you’ve been giving me attention these days”.

“Oh, now, it’s avenge time?”

“No babe. I’m sorry . I was only joking”.

“I know that”. I laughed as he joined.

“I’ve missed you”.

“I’ve missed you too”.
*                                                                  *                                                                          *
As we ate lunch, I studied Rasheed and noticed how nervous he was…he fluttered his eyes and raked his messy severely…the sight I’ve always loved to watch. Oh gosh! How could I suddenly forget how much I love him?

He is calm, cute and well calculated.

“Are you going to keep sneaking at me?” He said, focused on his lunch.

He looked up at me and I gasped. The effect his presence had on me was bedazzling in a way.

“I’m sorry Rasheed”.

“Do you know how worried and sleepless I’ve been for the past days?”

“I promise to make it up to you”.

“I don’t care about your make up. I want my girl back!”

“You have me”.

“No I don’t. Why is he here now and why are you holding on to him when you have me?”

“I loved Maher just the way I love you”.

“Then let him go”.

“He was the sweetest thing that had ever happened to me. His return makes me feel that way again”.
“Okay. I’ll do the sweet things that Maher adores you with”.

“You can’t be Maher. You’re Rasheed”. I said and he stood up angrily.

He gained his calm and sat back. “You want to love both of us? What’s my stance in this relationship?”

“I love you Rasheed”.

“How about Maher?”

I blinked and turned away. This was the most confusing period of my life.

“How about him?”

“I sincerely don’t know what to say”. I cried.

“Are we still going on with our wedding plan?”

“Rasheed, don’t do his to me”. I cried.

“I’m outta here”. He angrily left the chair and walked to the counter to pay the bills.

I hurriedly followed him as he grabbed his wallet from the pocket.

“You don’t have to pay the bills”. The average aged woman at the woman smiled at him.

“Why?” He wriggled his eyebrows in confusion.

“Mr. Maher has promised to pay any bill in respect to Ms. Nadia”.

Rasheed banged his hand on the table. I’ve truly never seen him that angry before. “No way! I’ll have to pay for this”.

“I’m sorry but you don’t have to pay. It’s covered”.

Rasheed glared at me. “You see your doings? I feel so humiliated today”.

Maher entered just then, dressed in a very expensive three piece suit. He had told me earlier today that he had a presentation at a seminar.

“Mr. Rash…”

“Mr. Maher or whoever you call yourself. You think you can just return and take the love of my life? You’re wrong. I may not be as rich as you are but I’ve got something you can never have”.

“What’s that?” Maher smirked.

“I’m leaving. You guys can continue with your argument”. I stormed out of the building and walked swiftly to work.
*                                                                         *                                                                      *
At night, I sat in the living room and pretended to watch TV with Mahmud. I had been acting strangely since I got back from work and he didn’t bother to pester to know why I acted that way.

Zaynah also drove in silence as she dropped me off and bid me goodbye.

The absurdity of the whole situation was that Rasheed was not picking up and Maher kept calling severally.

“Which of your boyfriends are you having issues with?”

“That’s not funny”.

“I’m not laughing either. I’ll advice you to choose one of them before it’s too late”.

“What are you even saying?”

“I’m saying the fact. Take it or leave it”.

“Thank you for saying the fact”.

What was on my mind was the reason Rasheed refused to pick his calls. I knew he deserved to be angry. I didn’t act nice at all during lunch.

“Well, he loves me. He’ll get over it”. I said, entering my room to find some sleep.

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