Tuesday 27 March 2018

Tissue Hearts (Episode Sixteen)

Rasheed’s Point of View

Life is all about moving on…at all times, be it a time of difficulty or joy. Y’all are surprised that I’m saying this? Well yes, I’ve decided to move on.

Some love is just not bound to happen.

I adjusted the tip of my shirt as I entered the kitchen to get breakfast.

“Are you really sure about this?” My mom asked, handing me a plate of rice.

Waliyah was at the other end, frying meat and eyeing me suspiciously.

“I’ve never been sure about any other thing”.

“But you never liked Yasmin”. Waliyah said.

“Well, I do now. I’ve always seen her as being proud and arrogant but knowing her better, she is actually an angel”.

“WHAT?!” Waliyah spilled oil.

“You’re the best sis. Your choice was actually perfect. Now I know why you were bent on hooking me up with Yasmin”. I gave her a thumb up as she smiled proudly.

“I still have an objection to your sudden relationship with Yasmin. You’ve not entirely ended the relationship with the woman you claim to love and you’re jumping to someone else?”

“Did Nadia think of that when she was hanging around with Maher?”

“Now I see. It’s payback time right?”

“Not entirely. I was heartbroken by the only woman that I loved with all my heart. It’s time to let go and move on. Nadia will never love me like she used to. She’s found someone that’s way better than I am”.

“I agree with Rasheed. As far as Maher is still there, Nadia would cling to him. It’s time to face the reality and move on”.

My mom folded her hands and stared at both of us. “Can I speak to you privately?”

“I can just leave…” Waliyah attempted to leave the kitchen.

My mom rolled her eyes. “So you’ll burn the meats? Stay here and continue”. She said as I laughed mockingly.

We sat in the dining room. “What really happened?” She asked.

“This is what happened”. I said, remembering my encounter with Maher when Nadia left us at the restaurant.
*                                                                      *                                                        *
“Oh gosh, now she’s gone”. I placed my hands over my head as I watched Nadia walk angrily out of us.

She didn’t even manage to turn back to realize how awkward it would be to leave us alone.

“I’m sorry Rasheed”. Maher said.

I gave him an awkward look. “Are you being serious?”

“Yes I am. Can we talk?” he asked.

I stared at him for a while before responding. We sat and sipped our cups of yoghurt.

“You love her that much?” I asked him.

“Yes. Leaving Nadia wasn’t intentional. I got into a fatal accident. My mission back to Nigeria is to win Nadia again and I’m not leaving until I’ve done so.

“Do you think she still loves you?”

“She might feel very hurt that I left her for no reason but deep down inside, I know she still loves me”.

I sipped the yoghurt and my throat felt painful all of a sudden. “What do you advice? That I just give up and move on? That Nadia will never be with me now that you’re back?”

“I’m sorry Rasheed”
*                                                                            *                                                                    *
“Do you truly love Yasmin?”

“Yes I do mom. I just realized”.

My mom sighed deeply. She stood and placed her hand softly on my right shoulder. “Have breakfast then”.

“Thank you”. I replied as I watched her return to the kitchen.

I ate breakfast and read the chat history between me and Yasmin. We had chatted till we both feel asleep. I laughed at the chats while I ate. I was so engrossed in it that I didn’t know when my plate of food disappeared from my front.

I turned to see Yasmin smiling at me. She was classily dressed in a floral gown and high heel.

“You’re reading our chats?” She blushed.

“You look beautiful”. I commented.

“Well thanks,” She returned my food, “Are you set for our date?”

“I am…

“Yasmin!” My sister screamed as they hugged themselves.

They sat together and started to chat silently.

Women and talks!

“Aren’t we still going for our date?”

“You’re eating right? When you’re done”. She smirked as they both entered the kitchen.
*                                                        *                                                                       *
Yasmin wouldn’t stop smiling as we drove to a fancy restaurant. I wondered how oblivious I’ve been for a long time. Yasmin had been madly in love with me and I just realized.

I’m lucky that it’s not too late. I turned to glance at her and she turns away, blushing.

“What’s the secret to your charm?”

“I have no secret Rasheed. I am who I am”. She grinned widely.

We entered the drive away and parked outside the restaurant. Yasmin attempted to open the door when I stopped her.

“I’ll get it”. I said hurriedly as I got down and opened the car door.

“Thank you Rasheed”. She blushed, getting down.

We walked into the building and got a seat. Yasmin spoke friendly to the waitress as I studied the building.

I noticed a fixed stare at us. Surprisingly, I saw Nadia and Maher seated at a corner of the room.



“Nadia and Maher are here”.

Nadia had a shocked look on her face as she couldn’t keep her eyes off us.

“Let’s go greet them”.


“Let’s go greet them”. Yasmin insisted.

“You’re sure about this?”

“Have we committed a crime by being here?” She asked.


“Then let’s go greet them.”

“Okay”. We stood and walked to them.

I could see the angry and jealous look on Nadia’s face. Not only was she angry that I was with Yasmin, but Yasmin poise and confidence was overwhelming.

She stylishly took her steps as she flashed them her brightest and most infectious smile.

“Asalamu ‘alaykum”.

“Wa’alaykumu salam. Yasmin right?” Maher said.

“You’ve got a good memory Sir. We decided to come greet you when we spotted you guys here”.

“Thanks so much. Have a nice time together”. Maher smiled as Nadia picked on her chicken.
We returned to our seats and ordered snacks.

Yasmin busied herself with meat pie while I glanced at Nadia. She was in a really bad mood and despite Maher’s attempt to make her feel better, it didn’t work.

She took her bag and stormed out of the restaurant, leaving Maher behind.

Maher waved at us as he hurried to keep pace with her.

It was minutes later that I received a message. Nadia had instructed me to see her outside.

“Its Nadia right?” Yasmin asked.


“Go meet her”.

I walked out to see Nadia resting on my car. Her face was filled with tears.

“Nadia. I…”

“You’re a betrayal!” She hit her bag on me.

“I didn’t…”

“Why would you do this to me?”

“I have to move on”.

“Move on? Have I told you to do so?”

“You don’t have to. You’re happy with Maher. What else do you want?”

“I love you Rasheed”.

“You love Maher. Isn’t that what you said, that you love both of us? I’ve made it easy for you to choose one. Maher is perfect for you.  He’s the sweet man you’ve always wanted”.

“Do you have to leave me for her? Yasmin of all people?!”

“Yes, Yasmin of all people. I love her”. I blurted out.

Nadia looked at me with hurt in her eyes. Her eyes were red and swollen.

She shouldn’t be the hurt one. I should be.

“We have to leave now. You wouldn’t want people to see you this way”. Maher said as she glared at me for seconds.

She entered the car and they drove off.

 I folded my arms and watched them leave.

“Why are you doing this?”

I turned to see Yasmin beside me. “Let’s go in and continue our meal”.

“No. Are you trying to get back at her? Do you really love me?”

“I’m not. I love you. It may not be as much as you deserve now but I hope it will be. Our love will grow deeper everyday”.

“Are you sure? You’re telling me to rely on you?”

“Yes. Let’s go in and finish our outing”.

A/N: Am I the only one having a great time here? Rasheed finally leaves her? He finally ends up with Yasmin? Oh, what a world. Stay tuned for the next episode!

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