Tuesday 13 March 2018

Tissue Hearts (Episode Fourteen)

Rasheed’s Point of View

I had not spoken to Nadia throughout yesterday and I grew very confused. I needed to know who the man was and the meaning of Yasmin statement.

I couldn’t concentrate at work the next morning. I had to see Nadia and make her explain what was going on. Phone call wouldn’t be the best.

I left work during lunch and drove to Felicity fm. Nadia rounded up her show on the radio and I knew that she would be free for lunch in no time.

I drove into the building and noticed the same red Porsche car parked outside. It was the same one I saw her in yesterday.

I walked into Felicity fm for the first time. It was a very large and lovely building filled with different sections. Everywhere was very busy and lousy. I didn’t know the specific office Nadia belonged and so I decided to ask.

“Please, do you know where Nadia…”

It was then I noticed a tall man handing gifts to a set of people. Nadia stood at their middle grinning widely. It was the same man I had seen with her yesterday.

Nadia glanced towards my direction and caught me staring at him. Her face was filled with shock, guilt and exasperation.

She whispered some things to the man and walked to me.

“Rasheed, I’m really sorry for not picking your calls. I’ve been quite busy and I was meant to call you during lunch”.

“You were busy with him?” I glared at her.

“It’s not what you think”.

“What do I think? My fiancée is spending her time with a rich man and acting like she doesn’t care anymore. What else do you want me to think?”

“I’m sorry Rasheed”.

“You’re sorry? Is that all you can say? We had a date yesterday but you didn’t come. You didn’t pick my calls and didn’t bother to return it until I showed up”.

“I’m really sorry”.

“Who is he?”

“He’s a friend”.

“A friend I do not know about? I thought we could trust ourselves”.

“Yes. I promise to explain everything to you”.

“Okay. Let’s go to the coffee shop and talk”.

“We can’t talk about it today”.


“Hey. You’re the Rasheed?” The so called friend walked to me.

He was neatly dressed in expensive clothing and he wore a confident smile. Flaw No. 1, He was strikingly rich and handsome.

“Yes”. I muttered.

Flaw No. 2, He was more confident than I was. For some reasons, I thought I wouldn’t be able to face him.

“I’m Maher, Maher Zubayr”.

“Okay. Nadia, can we go now?”

“I’m very sorry Mr. Rasheed but I’m here to take her out. We have an important appointment to meet up to”. He said confidently.

I turned to Nadia and saw her whispers words of apology.

This was not just happening to me.

I glared at him and stormed out of the company’s building. I couldn’t believe that Nadia would stand me out because of him. What if he was rich and handsome?

I started the car and drove out of the compound…It was then I noticed Yasmin walking down the street.

I had driven past her when I halted and reversed to where she walked.


“Rasheed. What are you doing here?”

“Do you care if I give you a lift?”

“That would be nice”. She smiled shyly, hopping into the car.

We greeted and I drove towards her house. Yasmin looked worried but I didn’t bother to inquire the reason why. We drove silently and I entered her compound.

Yasmin might look wealthy and sophisticated but her family was averagely wealthy.

It was not long we entered that screams were heard. I could see tears fill up her eyes.

“Are you okay?”

“Yes I am”, She said softly, placing her hands over her chest.

Her look wore a worried expression and it was very evident. Yasmin was a proud woman that always looked ever confident, charming and bright. It was the first time that I saw her that worried.

“You’re sure?”

Her elder sister stormed out of the house, bawling seriously. She didn’t even notice our presence as she got into her car and drove off.

“I hope she’ll be fine”. Yasmin muttered as she cried.

Waliyah had once told me about her sister going through a painful divorce but I never knew it was up to this.

“I’m so sorry Yasmin. I don’t know what I can do to make you feel better.”

I get really nervous when someone…especially a woman cries close to me.

“I’ll be fine I promise. You see, my elder sister had an arranged marriage. My dad had introduced the son of a close friend of his but she wasn’t in support. She was in love with this man but my dad wouldn’t let them be together. At the end, she concurred and married my father’s choice. My sister didn’t enjoy her marriage for even a bit. She was molested and treated badly.

After going through a divorce, she arrived back home and her former love is happily married.

 There’s hardly a time that she doesn’t get into argument with my father. She’s frustrated and I don’t know what to do to help”. She cried.

“I’m so sorry about that. I never knew that your family goes through all these”.

“I try to appear confident and classy but that’s not who I truly am. I’m heartbroken inside. It pains me to see my family this broken and unhappy. This is why I’ve decided to marry only the man that I fall in love with. I’m sorry Rasheed. I’m sorry for trying to break you two apart. I was being selfish and I sincerely apologize”.

“Speaking of Nadia, can you tell who Maher is and why he came back?”

“Maher was Nadia’s first love. They were once together before you came into her life. He is rich, handsome, funny, cute, generous…he’s got all the qualities a woman would long for. He showered us with gifts when he visits the company. We heard that he disappeared and broke her heart just like he had done to other women. Surprisingly, he appeared this week for reasons I have no idea about”.

”It’s obvious he wants her back”.

“And it’s obvious she loves you”.

“No, she loved me before he returned. I feel all my dreams vanishing. Just when I started to love and dream of a future with my family…all things come crashing”. I tried to fight the tears.

“I think you should be patient. What I do know is that Nadia loves you”.

“Thanks for your time Yasmin”.

“I should be thanking you. Have a nice day Rasheed”.

“You too, and stay cool”.

She hopped from the car and peek her head inside. “Do you care for a cup of tea?”

“Nah. I’m fine. You go rest”.

“Okay. Bye”. She smiled and I watched her enter the house.

Yasmin might be a proud and self-possessive woman but today, I saw a different view about her.
*                                                                                            *                                                            *
I almost didn’t touch dinner. My mind wandered back to Nadia and the fun time she’d probably be having with her former lover.

Mom and dad studied me and Waliyah kept fixed scrutinizing eyes on me.

Why would I be able to eat? I was losing the love of my life!

“Goodnight”. I dropped the spoon and entered my room.

As I sat on my bed, I dialed Nadia’s number again. Surprisingly, she picked up.

“Hello Nadia”.

“What happened to sweetheart or sugar? Can’t you be romantic for once in your life?”

“I’m sorry sweetheart. How are you?”

“I’m fine. I’m sorry about today. I promise to explain all to you”.

“That’s fine love.”

“Should we meet at the coffee shop during lunch?”

“The coffee shop all the time? You’re kinda boring Rasheed. You’ve never thought about something different, like a fancy restaurant”.

“That’s okay if it’s what you want”.

“I have to go to bed now. Goodnight”. She hung up.

I could hardly believe it. Nadia had never being this demanding. Maher was the cause.

“Are you fine bro?” Waliyah asked as she entered the room.

I stood and paced around. “Do I look fine? I’m horrible”.

“Nadia again?”

“Yes. Her rich and famous past lover is back and it’s obvious she still loves him”.

“It would be really bad if she does that to you”.

“She’s already done that”.

“Have you had a one on one discussion with her?”

“That would be tomorrow”.

“Okay, till tomorrow then”.

Yes Waliyah. Till tomorrow, I’ll know my fate with Nadia.

A/N: Yeah...the chapter is getting longer and the drama's getting crazier. What will be the fate of Rasheed and Nadia???

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