Monday 30 April 2018

Eating a Great Breakfast on a Monday Morning

Do you know how it feels to start off your week with a great and lovely breakfast? Well, maybe you don’t. You can never can know how it really feels till you try one.

Here’s how to eat a great breakfast on a Monday morning.

a.       Have a Chosen Food in Mind

You wouldn’t want to start thinking of what to cook and eat just on the day. You should have a chosen food in mind as well as its ingredients before Monday. How do you get the ingredients ready? Read the next tip.

b.      Shop During the Weekend

You cannot use your Monday morning to start shopping for ingredients. This will cause you to start your day in a clearly disorganized way. Do you have a planned meal in mind? Create a list of the ingredients and shop for them before the D-day.

c.       Create a Cooking Time

The period for cooking the food will depend on your preference. If you’re the type that wake very early, you can make it one of the first things to do while you prepare for your day’s tasks. If you wake late, you can make it the previous night earlier and preserve for breakfast.

d.      Eat Conveniently

The way and manner you eat a meal will determine how you’re gonna enjoy it. If you leave home very early, you may be forced to rush the meal, giving you less satisfaction as you wouldn’t enjoy the galore of the food. You can pack in a take away and enjoy your great meal as you get to work.

Food is one of the best provisions of life. Enjoy it while it lasts. Remember that life is too short!



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