Monday 2 April 2018

How to enjoy a Monday Holiday

When it comes to work, schooling and other activities, Monday will be the most important day of the week. It’s the first thing that happens when you’re down with the week end. You start your week’s activities, knowing that you have what to accomplish.

We often grumble on Sunday evenings, knowing full well that Monday will arrive in no time. Some even call Sunday ‘Smonday’ because you live with the thought that Monday will soon arrive.
What happens what you get a Monday holiday? Scream, dance, rejoice, and play? Well, yeah. I’ll definitely do that because such opportunities are really rare. How about doing some fun and really memorable thing on a Monday holiday?
I’ve enlisted some ways to enjoy a Monday holiday.

a.      Outing
I shouldn’t be writing because I failed in this during the holiday. A book club invited me for a movie outing but I declined, said I needed to visit the eye clinic and market. I promised my family an afternoon date and we got so busy that we couldn’t go anywhere. I promised myself to not go anywhere today because as from tomorrow, I’ll be left with no choice but to go out.
Don’t be like me dear people. Go out when you get the chance. There’s nothing as good as hanging out with family and enjoying the cool breeze of nature, eating something nice and making your taste feel great with a nice drink.

b.      Or Stay Indoors
If you’re as introverted as I am, then staying indoors can be a fabulous way of spending your Monday holiday. Since you’ll be on the ‘wake up early and leave the house’ routine, you can have a great day by watching movies, taking a hot tea and laughing with your family members.

c.       Food!
Yes people, I love food. I made different delicacies this holiday, ranging from okazi soup, ogbono, edikang ikong, fish stew, meat stew, moi moi and pap, efo riro, fried rice. You too can do that. You would never imagine the power a good meal in your life.
Cook lovely dishes and have fun!

d.      Prepare
Since Monday is now like Sunday, you have to prepare for Tuesday as you would for Monday. Get the lovely outfits ready, list your activities for the week and work out ways to achieve them.
Have a fabulous Monday holiday and a great week!

Maryam AbdulWahab, Morning Cheesecake.



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