Tuesday 3 April 2018

Nadia's Point of View (Episode Seventeen)

I sat on the sofa and cried while Mahmud consoled me. I have no specific reason, but I feel horrible without Rasheed.

“Take it easy Nadia”. He patted.

“Take it easy? He was with Yasmin!” I cried.

“So what? You’ve been with Maher”. Mahmud screamed.

“You’re not making things better”. I bit my lip.

“My stubborn sister doesn’t want to hear the truth. Isn’t that what you want? To be with Maher?”

“Hey everyone”. Zaynah entered with two white bags.

“Gosh! Thank God you’re here”, Mahmud sighed as he moved away from me and sat, “She’s been acting crazy since she saw Rasheed with Yasmin”.

“One of them will have to let go at the end. Rasheed has played a much matured role”. She said, sitting.

“Thank you Zaynah”. Mahmud interjected.

“Anyway, I brought two bags of Chinese. I hope that will make you better”.

“There you go again. You bought Chinese and didn’t bother brining my share”. Mahmud said.
Zaynah rolled her eyes. “The second bag is for you. Well Nadia, we could pull the blankets over and watch our favourite movie along with Chinese”.

“I’m not in the mood for any of these”.

“What then? Would you want Rasheed to keep holding on to you forever?”

“That’s not fair. I love him”.

“How about Maher?”

“I’m going inside”. I cleaned my face and attempted to go inside when a knock was heard.

“It’s Maher”. The person said.

“Now everything is going worse”. I murmured as Mahmud opened the door.

Maher stormed inside with a frown. “Why haven’t you been picking my calls?”

“I need a rest Maher”.

“No you don’t. Do you think I’m here to play? That I lied that I had a fatal accident? That I wasn’t unconscious for months? You’re the damn reason why I’m back to Nigeria. I’m not fighting because I’m rich or handsome or famous. I’m fighting because I’m in love with you. I left you with the promise of coming back, of us spending the rest of our lives with each other. I knew you’d be hurt because you wouldn’t understand the reason I left, because you love me.

This is it. I’m not leaving Nigeria until I’ve gotten you. You’re the only woman I’ve dreamt of living my whole life with. This is why I’m here Nadia, for you”. He said as we all watched him with our mouths agape.

“I want us to get married. I want you to be the mother of my children. I want to wake up and see you sleeping soundly by my side. I love you Nadia”.

“I love you too”. I said, crying.

“Okay Mahmud. I think we need to leave the love birds alone”. Zaynah winked at me.

“I agree with you”. Mahmud said with a smirk.

*                                                                         *                                                                 *
That was it! Maher and I were back together. Just like the old times, we renewed our relationship and planned our marriage. Maher was the sweetest. He adored me with everything I desired. I was in love…madly in love.

Having him back in my life was the best thing that had ever happened to me. Maher was my joy and happiness.

He adored and showered me with a lot of gifts. He got me a diamond ring…the most expensive asset I ever possessed.

You know the best of all? He got Mahmud and I a ticket to UK. I was to use this opportunity to shop for my wedding dress and tour the wonderful city of New York.

Yes! Our wedding was soonest and it was planned to be grand. I’ll be spending the rest of my life with the perfect Maher!

*                                                                   *                                                                    *
“UK?!” Zaynah squealed in delight as I fed her with the latest gist.

“Yes Zaynah, UK. This is practically the first time I’ll be leaving the shore of this country”.

“Wow. That’s amazing. I’m jealous right now”.

“You know I have no regret getting back with Maher”.

“I can see that. You only know what your heart says and you’ve made the perfect choice”.

“Thanks Zaynah”.

“I also have a gist for you”. She giggled enthusiastically.

I quirked my eyebrows. “I’m all ears”.

“I met this man recently. We met at .the playground. We had both taken our kids there”.

“He has a child?”

“Yes, but he lost his wife and is catered with the responsibility of taking care of his son. He’s a pure sunni…handsome, religious, calm with full beards and ankle-length trousers. He proposed last week and I said yes. The great part is that the kids get along so well”. She grinned.

I gasped “That’s lovely. I can’t believe the hard hearted Zaynah has finally given her heart to someone. How come you’re just telling me?”

“I needed to be sure that it was real”.

“This is great Zaynah. This means that we’d both be getting married anytime for now”.

“Yeah. This calls for celebration!!!”
“It surely does”.



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