Tuesday 24 April 2018

Tissue Hearts (Episode Nineteen)

                                                          Nadia’s Point of View

The trip to UK was fun and exciting. I enjoyed every bit of it…Mahmud’s prank and Maher’s deep show of affection.

With him, I would be forever happy as a married woman.

He took us to his exquisite lounge. It looked like the ones in the movies. Mahmud busied himself with selfies and snapchat videos while I had endless dates with Maher.

He took on a tour to visit the exciting and memorable places in United Kingdom. It was his home, a place where he had grew up and where his entire family members reside.

Maher took me to his Parents and I saw his lovely family for the first time. He was polygamous family. Apart from his Nigerian mother, he had an Irish, Arab and Egyptian step mothers.

His family was very warm and welcoming. I could see that they welcomed me with all of their hearts.

I bought my glamorous wedding dress and shoe. We shopped for the jewelries and I got a dazzling one.

Maher suggested we get married in Dubai and I perfectly agreed with his suggestion. My wedding would be the most special day of my life, and I wanted to give it my best!

The paradox of my situation was that with all the wealth and glamour I was being endowed with, Rasheed still managed to creep through my mind at one time or the other of the day.

I still wore his bracelet. I couldn’t get the nerves to pull it off my wrists. It had been there right from the day he had gifted me.

I would stare at it and remember the fun times we had together.

I would catch Maher stare at my wrist but he wouldn’t say a word about it.

The fact is, I’ve got a perfect man. Why then do my mind drift to the averagely handsome and comfortable man with a messy hair?
A/N: Before you grumble, I'll tell you that I know the episode is very short and that I promise an extra episode last week. This is more reason why I have to upload an additional episode this week.
Have fun and happy reading!💗💗💗

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