Thursday 10 May 2018

Episode Twenty-Two

                                                            Rasheed’s Point of View

I lie on my bed and read ‘Love by Fate’ like I could digest it. A lot wandered through my mind. Several stuffs have happened for the weeks. Incidents that was really hard to believe.

“Come open the door Rasheed”. I heard Waliyah’s voice as she knocked.

I left the room to let her in. She must be back from her outing. “I’ll be right there”.

I opened the door to see Waliyah and Yasmin outside.

“Asalamu ‘alaykum”. I greeted as I looked at them nervously.

“I think I’ll just go home”. Yasmin said.

“No Yasmin. You keep doing this. You can’t keep running away”. Waliyah said as we looked at ourselves.

It has been pretty awkward seeing each other after our break up. We’ll bump into each other and put our heads down like we just saw a ghost.

“Rasheed, when will this stop? You guys make me feel like the guilty one here, by trying to match make you both”.

“We’re sorry Waliyah”.

“It’s not about being sorry. It’s about moving on. I didn’t force you guys to get together and break up later. Yasmin is my friend and she’ll be coming here often…like she normally does. This shouldn’t disrupt our relationship”.

“I should be leaving now. Bye Waliyah”. Yasmin said as she walked out of us, her high heel creating splattering sounds.

I saw the flushed look on Waliyah’s face. “I’ll help you with the bags”. I took the grocery bags as we entered the house.

“Why are you guys doing this to me? Dad keeps giving me the look like I’m the cause of everything”. She laments as she sits down.

“You’re just assuming”.

“If you say so. Seriously Rasheed, you’ve got to move on. You can’t keep hovering over the past. Yasmin had a valid reason for breaking up with you and you know that. For how long will you continue like this? You’ve got to move on, fall in love again and make a happy family”.

“Okay Waliyah. Let’s go make the vegetables”.

“I’ve said my mind. Take it or leave it!” She entered the kitchen with the bags of groceries.

She was right, very right. I hadn’t moved on. I was still in love with Nadia!



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