Monday 21 May 2018

My Life in Lagos Series (The Awkward Week 2)

 **April 16-21**

*Bus Sleeping
This is my new habit. I sleep so much in the bus. Morning oo…night oo. To me, it is a way of making up for the hours of sleep that I have missed.
When you sleep in a public bus (in Lagos gan gan), you’ll have to make sure that your bag and other precious belongings is held tight to your grip.
So last week, I entered a white bus and slept in the middle of the journey. Somewhere along the line, I received a tap on my right hand. It was the passenger sitting directly beside me.
‘I just wanted to let you know that we’re already in Ikorodu’. He said.
*Ikorodu ke?*
I looked outside and noticed that we’ve not gotten to the final bus-stop. 
‘Yes, we’re at Ajegunle. I don’t want you to sleep off’. He concluded.
*sighs and roll eyes*
Yes, I know he was being really nice but Ajegunle was like an hour journey to the main bus-stop. Why would he prevent me from enjoying my sleep?
I tried to keep away for sometime but still slept off before alighting from the bus. I couldn’t sleep really deep because I was very aware of my surroundings.
The man? He got down in a bus-stop before mine.

*bent neck
Ever since I started the full-time job of sitting and facing the computer for almost half of the day, I’ve been facing this neck issue…coupled with bad sleeping posture and bad habit of sleeping in the bus.
So, I arrived home really late at night with this badly aching neck. My dad had to notice…he needed to notice…he needed to ask what was wrong with me and how I fared. He needed to talk a balm and massage my neck or rather still, console his lovely daughter with ‘sorry’.
I bent my neck immediately I entered the gate. He had to notice and ask what was wrong with me. I kept it bent till I got inside…only to find out that my dad had gone to his room.
*Oopsie*         *scrunches up the face*
 Effort for nothing…I straightened it back to normal and faced my pain.

*tiredness (The trouble maker)
I got home one-night last week and I was pretty pretty tired. I couldn’t even eat or pray. I just laid on the mat and rested.
Little sis placed a dictionary and a book beside me and was reading a page in the dictionary. I laid beside her, placing the belt of my gown on the page she read.
She chuckled lightly, wondering how amazing and troublesome her sister is (me of course). As tired as I was, I still had the time to disturb her by placing my belt on the page she read.
I told her to serve my food and she placed it beside me.
“Me I am going to sleep oo”. She said, leaving for her room.
I was determined to eat and pray but the weakness was too much. I decided to sleep for a little while before eating and sleeping. I woke by 1am and the food was still lying beside me. Ants had filled it and tried to stand and change. I fell asleep again and woke by 4 am. I heard my dad’s toilet door sound and told myself that I won’t go inside. He must come out and see me in the living room.
I placed the food in the kitchen, changed my outfits, left the lights till switched on and returned to sleeping on the mat…till dad comes out.



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