Thursday 31 May 2018

Rice Myth

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Can we do without rice? Well, I don’t think so. I’ve found no one that have claimed to hate rice. Rice is a necessity meal in Nigeria…a meal that we cannot do without. 

Rice sets the mood for all events; birthday party, wedding, naming ceremony, and the likes. It also comes in different forms and delicacies: white rice, fried rice, jollof rice, coconut rice, ofada rice, curry rice, rice and beans and so on. Rice is in fact, my favourite meal.

Hahaha…I wonder if we’d survive without rice.

Here’s a fictional story of the reason rice became rampant in Africa. Enjoy!

There lived a man who loved rice. He had a plantation and he had two sons.
The basic thing is that his son hated rice. Rice was something they couldn’t do without. They ate all varieties of rice, drank rice wine, bathed with rice suds and had Christmas clothes with rice drawings on it.

 The only thing that wasn't rice infested was their drinking water, and they had access to three small cups a day. 

The father passed away.  Their father was a wealthy man, so the time came to read his will.
The will reads thus:

Dear sons
Rice is life
I have plantations all over Africa
Large enough to feed your generations.
Do not sell my rice, it should be consumed by my offspring.

I have sixty billion coex (equivalent to a billion pounds)

It should be shared equally amongst my sons.

If and only if the rice is consumed by them and their offspring.

If they dare to burn, or sell, or give away my rice...
No money goes to them...

And if you don't want the money...
Rice is inevitable in our bloodline...

I have planted your souls in the ground... You shall die one after the other, after me.


Story sourced from: Grey’s Book Club.


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