Wednesday 30 May 2018

The Story of Rice


Sometimes long ago, things on this Earth were bigger and better than they are today. Fruits, Vegetables, grains, even people animals were bigger and stronger. Things were so big that even a single grain of rice was all a person could eat at a time.

Those were the days when people didn’t have to work very hard. When the grains of rice were ripe, they just fell down on their own and went rolling into the village. There they would offer themselves to be eaten.

Once, an old woman and her daughter were building a storehouse for rice. A big grain of rice came rolling in before the building was ready. The old woman was already tired of hard work. She became angry when she saw the grain of rice rolling down to her incomplete storehouse. She kicked the rice and said” Could you not wait in the field till we were ready? Why do you keep running after us?”

The grain of rice broke into thousands of pieces and said” We have always been kind to you. We give you food to eat. We make things easy for you so we come to you ourselves and don’t give you trouble of collecting us in field. But in addition, you kick us. From now on, we will not come to you. You will have to come and gather us. You will have to cook and eat a lot of grains of rice to fill your stomach.”
From that day on wards, rice grains have become smaller in size. They do not come to people as they used to come earlier. People have to gather grains from the fields and carry them to their stores and homes.

Never belittle any bodies work.
Always think before you speak.


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