Thursday 3 May 2018

Tissue Hearts (Episode Twenty-One)

                                                            Nadia’s Point of View

Maher and I met at a garden to discuss some preparations for our wedding. Getting married exquisitely might be fun, but the stress is overwhelming. Even though you’ve chosen a wedding planner, the wedding task will still ball on you because your wish will be tuned towards making your wedding perfect.

“Calm down Sweetheart. It’s a matter of weeks. Everything will be over and we’ll be together”. He smiled.

“Yeah…wait! Hope you’re not thinking of making me stay in UK. I have a wonderful job in Nigeria remember?”

“Who says you can’t get a better one here?”

“How about my fan base?”

“It will grow with time.”

“Maher, I’m honestly not in support of staying here immediately after the marriage”.

“Whatever. We’ll sort it out”. He brushed his hand.

A call entered just immediately. It was Zaynah. I was glad to hear from her after a long while.

“Asalamu ‘alaykum”.

“Wa’alakumu salam. How’s your wonderful life over there?”

“More wonderful than you can ever imagine. How’s Adil and the love of your life?”

“Alhamdulillah. You’re having great fun…shopping and preparing for your grand wedding like a celebrity”.

“I am a celebrity”. I laughed proudly.

“How did I forget?  I met Rasheed yesterday. He came to pick Yasmin for lunch. I heard both families are vigorously preparing for their wedding also”.

“Rasheed’s getting married to Yasmin?!” I screamed.

Maher wriggled his eyebrows at me.

“Yes. I’m glad he’s moved on. You know, I was worried that he might feel very hurt after you’ve…”

“I’ll talk to you later Zaynah”. I hung up and gulped my wine.

I felt hot all of a sudden. Was I jealous?

“Are you jealous?” Maher asked.

“Jealous? No”.

“Why are you then behaving weird? You were all shocked when you heard they’re getting married. Was that why you hung up the call? What do you think before, that Rasheed was just playing with Yasmin or he was with her to get over you or make you feel jealous?”

“You have no right to say that”. I warned.

“I do. It’s obvious that you still love him”.

“I don’t anymore”.

“I hate it when you lie to my face. Why do you still have his bracelet on you?” He asked as I felt it, holding my hand around it like it needed protection.

“I once loved him so it’s normal. I’m with you now and that’s what matters”.

“No Nadia. Let’s be sincere, you both love yourselves. I’m sorry for breaking you two apart. I lured you with my sweetness and deep show of affection”. He said.

“What happens to our wedding preparation?”

“I met with Fatimah again. She’s still in love with me, and I think I love her. Let’s be sincere to ourselves. Getting married isn’t the best for us. I may be perfect but I can’t love you like Rasheed will”.

“He’s freaking getting married to Yasmin. Where do you want me to go?”

“Anywhere Nadia. I’m sorry but I’m not the man for you”.

*                                                                *                                                                            *

As I walked back to the lounge, I imagined how unfortunate I was. I had lost at both sides. Maher and Rasheed were both getting married to someone else.

How stupid I was to have made the worst decision of my life.

I got to the door and placed my head over, crying. Everything felt like a dream.

How would one the happiest and then saddest in just a few moments. Was that how life was?

I cleaned my eyes my entered, wondering how to break the news to Mahmud. Seriously, how would I tell Zaynah, my family…my colleagues at work that I wasn’t getting married again? I had even announced to my fans on the radio that I would be away for a while so that I can shop for my wedding dress.

I had received tons of messages on my Face book and Twitter. My phone had buzzed throughout the day.

“You’re back? How did the date go?” Mahmud said, with his mouth filled with fish steaks.

I sometimes wonder if food was made for him.

“Why are you punishing yourself?” I scrunched my face.

At the other end of the table was a box of pizza, chicken and chips.

“I’m not. This is enjoyment. Who knows when I’ll enjoy such a thing again”. He laughed.

“Continue”. I rolled my eyes, attempting to go inside and have a shower.

“How far with the Dubai plans?”

“There’s no wedding again”. I said as I backed him.

“Whoa! Why?”

I sat and explained all that transpired between me and Maher. I cried throughout the narration.

“This is hard to believe. It sounds like a dream”.

“Same here. We were just talking about where I’ll stay after the marriage. We argued and I talked of remaining in Nigeria for a while”.

“This is unbelievable”.

“I know, Mahmud”.

“What don’t you pull off the freaking bracelet? Maher thinks you’re still in love with Rasheed and it’s the damn truth”.

“It’s too late. I broke his heart and he’s getting married to Yasmin”.

“What will you do now?”

“I’ll have to accept my fate…return to Nigeria and face my shame”.

“I’m so sorry about this. Should I talk to Maher? He might change his mind”.

“There’s no need. He’s in love with his Fatimah. I need to go inside Mahmud”.

I took my belongings and entered my room, wondering if a cold shower would make me feel better for the mean time.

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  1. There's a mistake in this write up as Maher was used as against Rasheed
    Here it is

    “How did I forget? I met Maher yesterday. He came to pick Yasmin for lunch. I heard both families are vigorously preparing for their wedding also”.

    “*Maher’s*. getting married to Yasmin?!” I screamed.

    1. Thank you for your kind observation, Saheed. The corrections have been effected!