Tuesday 15 May 2018

Tissue Hearts (Episode Twenty-Three)

                                                     Nadia’s Point of View

Zaynah and I walked to the company’s building as she talked endlessly about her new love and how eager she was to spend her life with me.

Everything sounded awkward…love sounded awkward.

“I can’t believe I’ll be married again in a fortnight. Are you even listening to me?”

“I’m just tired of the word ‘love’. It sounds awkward”. I cringed.

“Well, you shouldn’t. You would find an amazing man and fall in love again”.

“Does such a man exist?”

“Of course”.

“You know, I’ve even given up on love. I won’t be surprised spending the rest of my life with my brother”.

“You think Mahmd will be with you forever? You’ve forgotten he also have a fiancée. He’ll get married and move out of the house".

I scrunched my face. “That’s true. That’ll be a boring life for me”.

“Yeah”. She said as we noticed Yasmin coming our direction.

Immediately she sighted us, she smiled and greeted from a distance and left swiftly.

I turned to Zaynah. “I don’t get why she keeps avoiding me. I should be the one doing so. She’s getting married to the most amazing man I’ve ever met. Why would she run from me? I’m the one who made a huge mistake”.

“You know that?”

“Yes. I shouldn’t have gotten back with Maher, knowing full well that I love Rasheed. It’s too late anyway. Yasmin have him”.

“I’m so sorry”.

“It isn’t your fault. You advised me but I didn’t take heed. I have to leave now”.

“To where?!” She glared at me.

“To the coffee shop. I need to think things through and clear some thoughts off my mind”.

“You keep doing this every day. How long will it take to get over him?”

“For as long as it takes”. I walked out of Zaynah as I enjoyed the morning breeze, thinking of the short time spent with Rasheed.

I had sought solitude in the coffee shop. It was where we first met. Looking at the lovely natural scenery outside, sitting at our usual corner and staring at the gifted bracelet was my usual routine.

It was a sad memory but walking over today, I felt a glimpse of hope and love again.

A/N: One more episode to go...yay!!! Its prediction time. How do you think the story will end? What happens to Nadia, Yasmin, Rasheed and Maher?
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