Wednesday 2 May 2018

Tissue Hearts (Episode Twenty)

                                                         Rasheed’s Point of View

Yasmin had asked me to pick her up from work and take her for lunch. She had been acting funny since yesterday.

We went shopping for our wedding outfit and I had mistaken Nadia’s favourite colour for hers. Her vein popped out and her face turned red in anger.

If that was the only way to appease her, I didn’t mind taking the long drive from my work place to treat her for lunch. Not like I didn’t do the same for Nadia.

I listened to the radio on my way to Felicity FM and remembered when Nadia would talk endlessly. That was when I fell in love with her. I fell in love even without meeting her.

Someone else spoke for the Breakfast show and I wondered where Nadia was. As the person rounded up, I knew no one would take the show better than Nadia.

I drove into Felicity FM and parked my car. It was no strange place. The workers there knew me too well.

Just as I was about to walk to the entrance and call Yamin’s phone, I saw Zaynah walking out with a hand to her ear. She talked excitedly on the phone with brigheted face.

“Asalamu ‘alaykum Zaynah”.

“Wa’alaykumu salam Rasheed”. She pointed to her ear, signifying she was on a call.

“What is that?”

“I’m greeting Zaynah”.

“Why do you have to greet her? I’ve been waiting endlessly for you and you’re greeting her. What if she wasn’t on a call? You would surely have kept me waiting for close to thirty minutes”. She frowned.

“I’m sorry. You’re still angry?”

“Does it care now? I’ve got to eat”.

“Okay. Right away”.

We got to the restaurant and ordered our meals. Yasmin’s mood changed when she started to eat.

I looked at her awkwardly as she took salad with fruit juice. No wonder she was so thin?

“Why do you have to starve yourself of lovely dishes? You used to love jollof rice and baked chicken. It was your favourite”.

“That’s Nadia!” She yelled at me.

“Dang. I’m very sorry”.

She ignored me and continued with her salad. I ate jollof rice and chicken instead.

Yasmin, as if noticing it all widened her eyes at me when she noticed I ate the same meal.

“You still love her don’t you?”

“No. I love you Nadi…I mean Yasmin”.

“Who do you love?”

“Nadia…I mean you, Yasmin. I’m very sorry. I love you”.

“I was so stupid to think you’ll forget about her”. She grabbed her bag and stormed out of the restaurant.

*                                                                    *                                                              *

I spent hours convincing Yasmin’s sister that I urgently need to see her.

“She’s been bawling since she got back from work. She said she doesn’t want to set her eyes on you again. I’m sorry”. Her sister said.

“You’re her sister. Please assist in convincing her. I either seeing her or I'm going nowhere”.

She ruminated for seconds before nodding. “I’ll see what I can do”.

Yasmin’s sister entered inside and I waited patiently for Yasmin to come out.

After roughly ten minutes, she came out with Yasmin. Her eyes were red and swollen and she looked so emaciated.

I was unhappy that I was the cause of her current dilemma.

“What the heck do you want to tell me?”

“Can we get a seat and talk?”


We sat at the walk-way and the evening breeze soothed deep into our skins. It actually made me feel better. I hope it would to her too.

“I’m very sorry Yasmin”.

“Why? Your heart can’t deceive you”.

“I love you. Nadia is past”.

“She isn’t. You want her to be forgotten but it’s not working. Deep down you, you know sincerely you still love and want her”.

“But it’s never possible. She’s in UK, preparing vigorously for her wedding. I heard that from Mr. Jones when I came looking for you at work. Let’s together make this happen. I’m determined to learn loving you with all of my heart”.

“Loving me is like filling water in a basket. It is futile”. She said, staring at the sky.

“You never give up Yasmin. Why now?”

“Because I’m ready to face the reality, which is that you’ll never love me. I’m sorry but I can’t do this anymore. It’s over Rasheed”. She said as she walked slowly back to the house.

I watched her leave and I didn’t stop her. I watched the sun shove its way into the cloud beautifully. It was colourful and peaceful. It was leaving but not with sorrow. It had the hope of coming out the next day. It will rise again and shine the brightest of light to the earth.

I had no hope of being with Yasmin or Nadia.

 She was right. I was still in love with Nadia!


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