Tuesday 19 June 2018

Interview with Wilfred Dangfa (Wilfred Wildee)


-          Tell us more about yourself?
My name is Wilfred Dangfa, a graduate of Agric Technology from the Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University, Bauchi. I am Tarok by tribe from Langtang South Local Government of Plateau State, Nigeria.

-          How did you come about the name ‘Wilfred Wildee’?
Wilfred is of course my first name, but Wildee is derived from two names; Wil from Wilfred and Dee from my surname Dangfa.

-          What is poem to you?
A poem is a voice that communicates the unspeakable aspects of human existence.

-          How did you discover your passion for poems?
I took the bold step by saying I could do it, and that was how I started. It’s still a mystery to me though.

-          When did you start to compose poems?
In 2015, 2 months to my Passing Out Parade (POP) during NYSC in Gombe State.

-          What have you gained as a poet?
Experience! An ocean of experience.

-          What inspired you to create your spoken word album ‘Sweet Wine’?
The happenings in Nigeria and their grim realities.

-          What inspired the name ‘Sweet Wine’?
The name “Sweet Wine” had been ringing in my head long before I thought of producing the album. So, I took it a cue to the album title.

-          What is the central message of Sweet Wine?
The Truth! Absolute truth.

-          How can the audience reach out to you, to purchase the album?
The album is free for downloads for now, but I will charge a token in my subsequent release.

-          How did you feel when you won the runner up prize for Nigeria SHIFT poetry?
I felt me, nothing changed because I was still me. It was awesome though.

-          What is your major source of fulfilment?
My fulfilment comes when someone walks up to me in an audience after my rendition to tell me they were touched or blessed on account of my presentation.

-          Any plans for the nearest future?
Yea, I am planning on making performance poetry the mainstream in Nigeria in the future.
-          Who are your role model(s)?
My role model is Ezekiel Azonnu, a Nigerian-American gospel poet.

-          How do you relax in your leisure time?
I read, write and recite poetry.

-          Your favourite celebrity?
My favorite celebrity is my role model Ezekiel Azonnu.

-          Your favourite quote?
“There is no right way of doing the wrong thing” by John Mason.

-          Your favourite food?
Fried Rice.

-          Your favourite choice of holiday destination?
I have not started yet, but I would consider Spain as my favorite choice of holiday destination.

-          Your contact info. and social media platforms for fans to reach you?
I am on Facebook @ Wilfred Wildee Wildeeland, IG @ Wildee Wilfred and Twitter @ WilfredDangfa.

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