Monday 11 June 2018

Lost Love (Episode One)

“You’ll love this Halimah. They’re very nice and well-respected family from Kano state. Your father and I met his parents on the plane when we were returning from Umrah this year. You both share the same pain; hurt by love. It would be great if you two get together. Hajia Hauwa, Halimah’s mother and a very prestigious woman spoke to her daughter on her return from her cousin’s place. 

“Mom, I’ve told you times without number that I am not interested. I’ll get married but I still need to get over my past. This is not the right time to hook me up with some unknown man”. Halimah said with sad eyes.

“He’s not unknown. His Parents are trust-worthy and with what they said, he seems very responsible. You need to forget about the past”. She caressed her cheeks. 

“No Mom…” She stood, “It’s not that easy to forget about the past. I’ve tried very hard but I cannot. Its very hard to trust anyone”. She said. 

“You just have to. All men are not the same. Not everyone is Tanko. You have to learn to move on with life”. 

“That’s what I’m trying to do, and I need time…”

“There’s no more time Halimah”. Her father said, entering the living room.

“You are twenty-four years old and very matured. Ibrahim and his family are taking the first flight to Abuja, and they would reside in our house, where the two of you will get to know each other well. You’ll like him”.

“I can’t believe this! Was this why you hurried me home?” Halimah raged.

“All I know is that your husband-to-be is coming tomorrow and you’ll be glad when you meet him. He’s a very nice and simple person”. Her father said and left, while her mother gave her a pitiful look.

 She ran to her room and laid on her bed. Nobody was going to dictate her life to her. If the so-called Ibrahim did not turn on to hate her, she would make him do so”. She would deal with him!

Ibrahim on the other hand had a very hard time trying to convince his Parents to stay back in Kano. He surrendered when his mother insisted on kneeling to beg but he also hated Halimah without seeing her. He wasn’t ready for any marriage.

Ibrahim and his Parents dressed the next morning and headed to the airport. He kept quiet throughout the journey as his Parents talked cheerfully about The Danjumas, and how nice and friendly they were. They were as rich as Ibrahim’s Parents and they were owners of various renowned and successful companies. Halimah’s Parents took good care of the house and prepared the best of dishes to welcome them.

Halimah, all dressed in a very beautiful traditional attire, and hands decorated with lalee looked through the window with wet eyes. She wished that she could be as happy as the beautiful atmosphere outside.

“Halimah…Alhamdulillah, they landed safely in Abuja. A driver has gone to pick them up from the airport. They would be here in no time”. 

“Oh…my Jewel. You look very beautiful and I am proud of you. I do not want you to feel sad. We love you and we want the best for you. That’s why we’re doing all these and I am very sure that in future, you wouldn’t regret this. You’ll laugh at your mistakes”. She smiled at her.

“I hope so Mom…I just hope so”.

“Don’t hope so, believe so because everything will be perfect insha Allah”. She cleaned her eyes and kissed her on the cheek, leaving the room thereafter. 

Twenty minutes later, the driver arrived with the car, filled with the Dangeris.

“Wow! Beautiful house”. Ibrahim commented, alighting from the car.

“I told you, you’ll love it here”. His father grinned as they all alighted from the car.

“The Dangeris are here! Let us go and welcome them”. Ibrahim’s Parents greeted Halimah while the two stared at themselves. 

He’s very handsome, but no one can be trusted. She gave him a look as he frowned seriously at her.

‘Ooh…you are already admiring yourselves. They look perfect”.  Ibrahim’s mother laughed as they eyed themselves. 

“Of course. I think it would be…love at first sight. Let’s take a remarkable picture of them”. Ibrahim’s father bought out a camera as they were both pushed to take a shot together. 

They both faked a very forceful smile as the camera clicked…Halimah marched Ibrahim on the foot with the sharp pointed sole of her high-heeled shoes.

“Aaaaah”. He screamed.

“What happened?” They all asked, panicking. 


“Do you have nightmares that haunts you during the day? Because I don’t understand the reason why you screamed”. Halimah chuckled, rolling her eyes at him.

“Anyway…the table is set. Let’s have a family meal…. you know in-law to in-law”. Halimah’s father said as he led them to a special corner of the big mansion.

The compound was very large and beautiful. It was filled with flowers and lovely plants. 

“Ouch”. Halimah felt a sharp pain at the back of her neck. She knew that it was no one but Ibrahim. He had thrown a rubber band at her. 

“Its avenge time, right? Wait till you receive my next mission”. She grinned mockingly as she joined her mother in serving the food.

“Do you like him?” Her mother inquired.

“I do not like him”. She said, leaving the kitchen with a tray of food, before her mother would say another word.

“So…Ibrahim, what do you feel about Abuja?”

“Its beautiful, and your house is very lovely. It significantly displays the good reward of hard work”. Ibrahim said as Halimah frowned at him, serving the food.

“The food is delicious Hajia”. Ibrahim’s mother commented.

“Thank you”. Hajia Hauwa blushed.

“I heard you finished from Harvard University Ibrahim?” Halimah’s father asked.

“Yes, and I studied Architecture. I dream of working in Germany and I have not given up in searching for an opportunity there”. 

“You do not want to take over your father’s company?”

“This family thing is not always my type. Sometimes, I like to be independent”. He said as he ate his food.

“Young adults of today are the cause of capital flights in Nigeria. They believe they can only be successful when they work in foreign countries, draining Nigeria of initiatives. If you look at companies abroad, Nigerians are always intelligent and competent. Its such a shame”. Halimah’s father gulped his zobo drink.

“Its not like we do so intentionally. If there is enough paid employment with good pay, why would we dream of leaving our country?” Ibrahim wondered, sipping his drink. He wasn’t himself. He coughed very hard and spat severely on the floor.

“Are you okay Ibrahim?”

“The drink is…the drink is…show me the rest room!” He screamed as a maid took him inside. He spent minutes, washing his mouth and face.

“What the heck did that devil put in my drink? She’s so annoying and childish. He looked spiteful at his face in the mirror before leaving the rest room.

“Are you okay Ibrahim? I really do not know what happened to your drink because we all drank the zobo drink and I specially made it myself”. Hajia Hauwa said as she walked him to the table. 

“Hmmm….” He looked at Halimah before settling on his chair.

They all ate and talked about politics and business except Halimah and Ibrahim, who were buried in their food, but glanced at themselves once in a while.

“The food is superb. You should open a restaurant Hajia Hauwa”.

Hajia Hauwa blushed and laughed. “Restaurant? Why don’t we go to the living room and take a rest”?

“Of course,” They talked as they left while Halimah and a maid cleared the table.

“Halimah?” Ibrahim called.

A/N: Lost Love starts today and I am pretty excited. I wrote the story many years ago and so, the grammatical constructions and the use of words may be a bit shallow. Believe me, I'm trying to edit and re-constructure.
The episodes won't be very much, so looking forward to enjoying a thrilling and funny story. Keep your handkerchief close too.
Have a great Monday!

Maryam AbdulWahab, Love Lost.


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