Wednesday 27 June 2018

Lost Love (Episode Three)

“One, that’s an arrogant way of requesting for one of my cars. Two, do you have any knowledge of the areas in Abuja? How can I even trust your driving skills? I do not joke with my car”. She said.

“You know what…I don’t know whether your new mission is to make your brakes fail so that I can encounter an accident on the way. I prefer to go by public transport”. Ibrahim exclaimed.

“You can take any of the cars Ibrahim. Just pick your choice and the driver will take you to wherever you plan on visiting”. Halimah’s father peeked through the window.

“Thank you Alhaji”. Ibrahim said as he entered the car.

“Whatever”. Halimah shrugged as she left the window. Both Parents peeked out and shook their heads.

After breakfast, Halimah went to work and both Parents were left alone at home. They decided to organize a meeting to discuss their children’s issue.

“I don’t think it is going to work. They do not have an iota of feelings for each other”. Ibrahim’s mother remarked.

“Yes, maybe they need time as they claim to get over their past. We cannot impose marriage on them if they do not want that. My family will take the first flight to Kano tomorrow morning. If it becomes possible in future, they would get married”.

“No, they would get married and they would love themselves. You are not leaving till we make them friends”. Hajia Hawua insisted. 

“And how will that be possible?”

“Just leave that to me. I know exactly what to do”. She grinned mischievously.
“Hi”. Halimah knocked on Ibrahim’s door the next morning.

“Hello”. He opened the door, giving her a disgusting look. “Whoa! What a beautiful way to start a day, seeing your ugly face”. He folded his hands across his chest and leaned on the door.

“Whatever. You know that I wouldn’t come here for a no just reason. The elders said that everyone is going on an outing”.

“Hmmm…”, He chuckled, “Do they know that I’ve got things to do? I’m staying here like a teenager who had just completed his SSCE. I need to return to Kano”.

“You can never imagine how much I want you to leave. They said we are all going to my late grandfather’s house. Get dressed because we will be leaving in the next thirty minutes”. Halimah stated.

“Yes ma’am”. He replied, entering and closing the door with a thump.

Thirty minutes later, they were on the road. Ibrahim took pictures as they entered the remote part of the town.

“You’ll love it here Ibrahim. This place is old but very beautiful and peaceful.”. Halimah’s father said as he drove.

“Yes, it is. I still do not know why we’re here’. He replied.

“To have fun. This is weekend!”

“When last did we have fun dad?” Halimah asked.

“You just returned from your cousin’s place remember?” He said, parking his car.

They all got down. “This is truly beautiful. Your father took his time to build the house”. Ibrahim commented.

“Yes, he did. He built it immediately he got married to my mother. It’s the most treasured inheritance…lets go inside”. He said as they all entered.

“This used to be our living room. My father would make sure that my siblings and I eat together at that corner so that we would not disorganize the living room. We would sit on the wooden chair and watch the black and white television.”. After that, he showed them the rooms.

“This room was for my elder brother and I. It was filled with drawings, paintings and the guys things you know”, He laughed, “We would take an extra food and hide it under our bamboo beds. We would sneak out of the room and play football with our friends…now, my Parents and brother are no more”.
“We are all alive and that’s what matters now…making every single day counts”. Hajia Hawau patted her husband. 

“Its okay…” he said, “Halimah and Ibrahim, why don’t you remain here while I show your Parents around”.

“Okay dad”. She said as they all left, excluding Ibrahim. She rolled her eyes at him and walked around the room.

“If it was possible, I would have plucked those eyes of yours”. He frowned at her.

“Haha. You’re the most boring and rude person I’ve ever seen. Nothing good comes out of your mouth. You don’t deserve any iota of respect”. She said.

“I guess you’re talking about yourself”.

“You’re such a big fool, the most stupid I’ve ever met. She said as he squeezed her mouth.

“I’ve been willing to do this for a long time. You should be born dumb. You’re so irritating”. He said as she struggled with his hand.

“Let go off me wizard”. She dragged his hand from her mouth and he squeezed her hand.

“Vampire. Wicked you! Leave me the heck alone!” She struggled with her hand as they heard a car sound. 

“What was that?” Ibrahim ran out and Halimah joined him.

“What is going on? They left us here”.

“Its possible that they forgot something at home. They would be back in no time”.

“Whoa! The gate is locked”. Ibrahim shook the gate. “What is the meaning of all these?”

“There is a letter at the tip of the lock”. Halimah grabbed the letter, opened it and read aloud:

A/N: Yeah, I know that there are acts that are not permissible...which were portrayed in the story. Like I said, its a really old story. Lets just pretend that it isn't a Muslim fiction. Thanks for understanding!😀😀😀

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