Thursday 21 June 2018

Lost Love (Episode Two)

“You got the name right. Do you want to assist in the clearing of the table because your presence is quite disgusting”.

“Do you know it looks like your mouth smells when you talk. You’re just a spoilt brat learning how to cap. You can’t even make a good wife. I wonder the man that would like to marry you”.

“I wonder the woman that would like you too. You’re very arrogant and disgusting! I feel like breaking these plates on your head!” She screamed.

“You’re disgusting and wild-tempered”.

“You too. I hate you!”

“I hate you too”. He shouted and walked out of the place.

“This is horrible”. Halimah angrily said as she packed the plates to the kitchen.
They both knew how horrible it would be, staying under the same roof for days. Hajia Hauwa took Ibrahim to his room after isha’ prayers as he dropped his load.
“Thank you hajia”.

“Ibrahim, what was all that for?”

“I do not understand ma”.

“What happened between you and Halimah?”

“Halimah is spoilt and annoying. She had caused me a lot of headache since I came here and I wonder what her next mission would be”.

“But you’re handsome and she is beautiful”.

“Beauty does not matter hajia. We do not and we cannot complement”.

“Are you saying all these because you hate Halimah or because of your past?”

“Hajia…please, I don’t like to hear or talk about it because I havent gotten over it”. 

“Then why don’t you get over it?”
‘You talk just like my mother hajia. Everything takes time”.

“This is the fifth year. Do you want to take forever to get over your past…I’ve said too much. Goodnight Ibrahim”. She said as she left him room to ponder. He couldn’t sleep. He laid sleepless and cried. He missed Aisha.
“Mom, I know what you want to tell me”. Halimah drank a cup of milk as her mother entered the kitchen.

“Of course, you would. Why wouldn’t you know? I’m highly disappointed in you. All I know is that you spoilt today’s meeting”.

“What of Ibrahim? He is also a monster”.

‘Shut up Halimah. What did you gain by doing all these?”

“I wanted him to hate me but we surprisingly hate ourselves and that’s perfect. We can never get married”.

“Then watch me”. She left Halimah’s presence.

Halimah wondered what her Parents stress was. She was very healthy and she had a good job. Her Parents were alive to  love and cherish her as a daughter. They should be grateful to God for that. Halimah thought.
I want to go into town. Which car can I take?” Ibrahim asked one of the drivers.

“It would be respectable to take Halimah’s car. She’s the owner of the two cars over there”.

"How can I get to drive one of them?”

“You ask her. She has the keys”.

“Can you inform her that I want to drive one of her cars?”

“Males are forbidden from entering the female chamber. I can give a message to a maid”.

“I do not have the time…Halimah! Halimah!” He shouted from downstairs.

‘Who’s disturbing me, very early in the morning…”, She peeped out of the window,“…do you have millions for me?”

“I want to take one of your cars out”. he said. 

to be continued...

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