Friday 20 July 2018

Habits Men Must Stop in Lagos!

I walk on the streets of Lagos every day, mentally praying that I don’t encounter these…but well, this is Lagos and the habits are inherent amongst most of the men.
I detest these habits so much that I wish that the state government would create a law to apprehend men for displaying them in public.
I am not a feminist. I do not hate men, but these habits? I hate them so much.
Wondering what these habits are, read below. I’ve enlisted them in order of their discontent and disgust.

1.      Leg-spreading
I hate hate hate men that spread their legs in a bus. What is it? We pay the same transport fare but you decide to take half of my fare?
Men spread their legs intentionally because women are less fragile and their brittle legs cannot hold a specific space for a long period of time. They would stretch their strong legs that look like rods and that’s it! They’ll take all the space allocated for two people.
I do understand that there are several reasons why men spread their legs. A Quora article I read had made me understand that men spread their legs for some valid reasons. It gave me a bit of tolerance and understanding, but still... Lagosians men are upgraded versions. I really cannot stand leg-spreading.

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2.      Urinating Indiscriminately
A person cannot keep eye anyhow in Lagos because of the indiscriminate urinating by men in Lagos. Men in Lagos have no shame when it comes to this…like, isn’t it your private area that you’re showing to the world? Are you okay with this?
It isn’t just about urinating in public for the world to see, its also about urinating in places where people will walk through. Now, I have to hold my outfit to avoid being stained by urine...and the stench?!!!

3.      Alcohol/ Smoking
I passed by a place at Ojota and I had to show my sister the loads of sachets that were littered on the floor. It is really bizarre; the way men drink and smoke. The air pollution in the environment is really bad, and the rate of cigarette smoke causing filth to the air is outrageous. I hope there would be no effect on the Lagosians in the years to come.

4.      Flirting
Why do men deliberately touch hands with women, rub their body against them just for pleasure? I really do not get. Aren’t their places to get prostitutes at a very cheap rate? Why use the excuse of the congested road to flirt with women? Traders at the market should STOP touching ladies with immediate effect! You cannot win customers by dragging ladies on the streets to your shop. One day, we’ll gang up and beat you to a pulp, believe me.
These are the top 4 HABITS that men must put a stop to in Lagos. The state government, where are you? Please come to our rescue. We need help with these kinds of men.

Life in Lagos Series, Maryam AbdulWahab.

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