Tuesday 31 July 2018

Lost Love (Episode Five)

“…I buried the pain, thinking that he was still my husband-to-be. It was until the wedding that I knew I was doomed. The wedding had been arranged and the hall was well-decorated, the guests were seated and I was gorgeously dressed as the bride, expecting my future partner.

He was nowhere to be found. We called his numbers but they were all switched off. We went to the places we thought he probably would be, but we didn’t find him. I still haven’t set my eyes on him, till now. We heard that he fled to Canada but I still do not understand the reason he did so.

I got pregnant after a year and it was a shame to everyone. They took me to Kebbi to stay with my cousin and conceive the child. The shame was too much that when I gave birth to a baby girl, my parents forced me to put her in a motherless babies’ home… while her mother is still alive!

My parents kept this secret from your parents and others…but look at me, revealing the fact that I have a child. I visit Kebbi frequently to see my child because I am her mother and I know what it feels like to be away from your daughter. I love her so much, despite the fact that her father jilted me,” Halimah cried.

Ibrahim folded his hands into a fist, his eyes streaming with tears. “Pathetic. Some men see the joy in making women unhappy. I wonder what pleasure they derive from doing such. It is very mean to treat a woman that way. I’m really sorry about what happened to you, Halimah.”

“It is okay…so, tell me yours.” Halimah placed a hand over her chin, eager to listen to all of the narration.

“It’s about Aisha. She was just like you; petite and very beautiful, though she was very jovial and chatty. I fell in love with Aisha when I was in school. She was the sister of my best friend, Hassan. The first day she visited, I fell right in love with her. We started a relationship and got married. I was the happiest man on earth and Aisha showered me with all the love I deserved. Two years into our marriage, Aisha was diagnosed with cancer and she died shortly afterward. I felt like the world had come crashing before me, and I still feel that way. She was everything to me and I thought I would spend the rest of my life with her…but what can I say? That’s how it was meant to be,” he said, burying his face in tears.

“I am really about your loss. If we listen to everyone’s problems, we would see that we are better off than others. This is not enough reason to give up in life. Life goes on and we need to keep moving forward. This might be a piece of cake for those that have gone through worse experience than these but they have decided to put away their past and see every reason to remain happy. Everything happens for a reason. It might be that my life would be in misery if I had gotten married to Tanko. Everything in life happens for a reason…. I can’t believe I am saying all these. I wish I had thought like this years ago. My life wouldn’t have shattered this much,” she said.

“And I wish someone had told me these before. Thanks for listening to my story, Halimah.”

“Thank you, too,” she smiled in return.

“What?!” Ibrahim exclaimed, checking his wristwatch.

“It’s almost 7:00 pm. I can’t believe that we talked for this long. We didn’t even notice that everywhere is dark,” he got up from the sofa and paced around.

“That’s true and I am famished,” Halimah remarked.

“We need to pray Maghrib. Let us check around for water.” He said as they went outside.

“The only available water must be gotten from the well. They really want to punish us.” Halimah stood beside Ibrahim as they viewed the deep well.

“I’ve never pulled water from a well before but I’m left with no choice now,” he folded his sleeve and held the small bucket.

Halimah insisted, “Let me assist you.”

“No, look for kettles and a prayer mat while I fetch the water.” He moaned as he struggled to pull the water from the well.

They performed ablution, lit the candles and prayed. After the prayers, they both sat on the floor and stayed silent for minutes.

“I know we’re both thinking of the same thing. We are starving and we cannot cook,” Ibrahim said.

“Yes…you know, why don’t we give it a try? We can’t starve ourselves to death,” Halimah said, standing and walking to the kitchen.

“Not knowing how to cook is normal for me but you? Oh. Come on, you’re a woman! You’re very matured and ripe for marriage,” he stood up and joined her.

“Thank you. I know that I am spoilt but we’re in this together. The big problem is that we’re going to be cooking with candlelight…the heat and everything. Gosh!” she placed the candle on the table.

“What should we prepare…spaghetti?” he searched through the food ingredients that was on the cupboard.

“You talk like you can cook it,” Halimah cackled.

“We will learn how to cook it.” He opened the cooking guide.

“Spaghetti, water, seasoning…salt…vegetable oil…everything’s available. Let’s start…no gas!” he scanned through the kitchen. There was no gas or stove…but woods laid under the table.

“Really?’ they grumbled in unison.

Ibrahim gathered the logs of wood and placed them outside, Halimah watching him astonishingly.

“I can’t believe this is happening,” she muttered.

“Well, it is. Bring out the ingredients so that we can make dinner.” He lit the fire.

“Okh, okh, okh,” he coughed.

“I’m sorry. Maybe you should leave. You’re asthmatic.”

Ibrahim insisted. “I am fine.”

“Okay…groundnut oil…” she poured into a pot, “onions…” she peeled the onions reluctantly, with wet eyes and Ibrahim washed the fish.

“…pepper, seasoning, salt, curry, thyme…” she read the book with the dim light and poured the ingredients.

“Okh! Okh! Okh! I’m not fine Halimah.” Ibrahim laid on the floor, struggling to breathe.

“You shouldn’t be here.” She assisted him into the house and continued cooking.

“Thank you, Halimah.”

“You’ve done so already. You need to relax while I’ll make dinner. I’ll add the spaghetti and fish when the water boils. I’ll make hot tea for you when the food is set.” Halimah covered him with a blanket.

“You are so lovely, I love your eyes.”

Halimah blushed. “You really can see my eyes in the dark? Well, thank you.”

“You know Halimah, I just pondered over the way that I have been treating my parents. I have not shown them enough love and respect. Despite their advice, I have not been able to balance my religious activities with worldly affairs. I’ve made the greedy pursuit of this world overwhelm me. My money, job, and past have taken over my life. I even rejected representing my father in his company. It’s very bad of me and I feel very embarrassed with myself,” Ibrahim said.

“Me too. I have lived as a spoilt brat, I made the servants and maids do everything. We need to change our thinking and pattern of lifestyle. I am willing to change for the better, Ibrahim.”

“I am also willing to change,” he continued.

…to be continued…

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