Wednesday 18 July 2018

Reasons I took a Break from Social Media

Have you been caught up in the same routine? What happens when your life becomes an automated robot? The meals you take, clothes you wear, the movies you watch, the same jokes you laugh at, the same places you go, the same work you do… becomes a programme and nothing exciting happens. How do you try to spice up your day? You go to your social media platforms and connect with people from around the world, cackle at memes, save inspiring pictures and well, post pictures and contents about how exciting your life is. Really? Is your life really that exciting?
This may sound cliché but the truth remains that social media has assisted us in numerous ways, really. Imagine if there was no platform to connect with old friends, while away time when bored, market products, display your unique skill and meet with intellectuals. As a blogger and a full-time writer, there’s no way I can survive without social media. However, I decided to take some weeks break from social media because: -

a.      I needed a break
My life seemed more like a routine…posting, writing, replying to messages and all. Taking a short break was a means to add new activities to my schedule.

b.      Social media was looking indispensable
I started to feel like I couldn’t do without social media, and I needed to prove that wrong. Imagine how desperate I’d be to renew my data when it is exhausted. I’d calculate the last time I came online like it is a money-generating platform. 

c.       The urge to beat distraction
I’m supposed to be reading or writing, but I’m on Instagram, checking for funny pictures. It was a big distraction at work and I needed to FOCUS.

d.      Personal development
I noticed that there were several things that I needed to know, things that would improve my skills, promote my blog and broaden my knowledge. Taking a break from social media was a way to allocate more time in developing myself.

e.       Books
There’s a saying that ‘to be a good writer, you ought to be a good reader’. I needed to create to read good books and become more creative.

f.        Rest
I could sleep early without bothering about checking my new messages. I could re-connect with loved ones and watch movies, meditate and re-examine my life. I didn’t have to live with the expectation of receiving messages from ‘some’ set of friends.

And…last but not the least…

g.      Re-assurance
Taking a break was a reassurance that I am myself. I am Maryam AbdulWahab and I own my life. No one really really cares about who Maryam AbdulWahab is. If I leave this world today, I leave this world. People cry and forget later. Life goes on. Relish every moment and be with true friends. Never see yourself as being I indispensable because you aren’t.

Thanks for reading.
Maryam AbdulWahab, Nitty Rants.



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